iF design award

The iF design awards have been presented since 1953 by iF Industrie Forum Design e.V., an international organization in Hannover, Germany, geared toward promoting public awareness of design. These awards launched in Europe, where industrial design was developed, are among the most prestigious international design awards. Every year, outstanding communication designs, product designs and packaging designs related to industrial products across the world are chosen to receive these awards.


Instant Camera [instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC]

The instax mini 90 is an instant camera that uses Fujifilm's credit card sized film (instax mini film). For a greater variety of instant photography enjoyment, it has new features like double exposure, bulb, party and kids modes as well as parallax adjustment to correct framing in macro shooting. A slimmer, more compact body and lower running cost have been achieved through the use of a rechargeable battery. With the Neo Classic design perfect for a top-class camera, the instax mini 90 will be used long and often by a wide range of users.

Digital Camera [FUJIFILM XQ1]

FUJIFILM XQ1 provides users with the joy of taking pictures, the fun of camera operation, and the satisfaction of owning a superior camera. It has a simple yet highly refined design featuring a 2/3" X-Trans CMOS II sensor, a bright F1.8 maximum aperture, an optical 4x zoom starting at 25 mm wide-angle, and a stylish compact body. In addition to the new interface and a control ring with a smooth operation feel, the XQ1 has a Wi-Fi transfer function so that a wider range of users can easily enjoy a high-grade camera.

Digital Camera [FUJIFILM X20]

FUJIFILM X20 is a classic-look premium camera, featuring the same basic design as the X10. The lightweight but robust body, with its top and base made from die-cast magnesium, is easier to carry than ever. It comes with a 2/3" CMOS sensor and an F2.0-F2.8/28-112 mm zoom lens with glass elements. Photo shooting information can be displayed in the viewfinder, which features the new Digital Trans Panel LCD. Features like the manual zoom lens also acting as the power switch and precision-milled metal dials enhance the high-class feel and operability.

Digital Camera [FUJIFILM X-M1]

FUJIFILM X-M1 is a compact and lightweight digital interchangeable lens camera with a classic-look design. On the body, high-grade synthetic leather is used to enhance durability and grip stability. Precision-milled dials and operation buttons are placed on the right side of the camera for quick and easy one-handed operation. The X-M1 has an APS-C size X-Trans CMOS sensor offering high image quality, a high-definition LCD monitor that tilts at various angles, and a Wi-Fi function for sending images to a smartphone or PC.

Digital Camera [FUJIFILM X100S]

X100S is a dramatically enhanced successor of the X100 while maintaining the popular high-class design and single focal length lens. In addition to improved controls, it has the new 16.3 million pixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor with no low pass filter and the EXR Processor II. The result is high-resolution and low-noise images, at a full-size sensor level, and rapid operational response with the world's fastest AF of 0.08 seconds. It also features a higher definition hybrid viewfinder, the world's first digital split image function, and the focus peak highlight function, all to promote joy of photography.


Digital Camera [FUJIFILM XF1]

FUJIFILM XF1 is a thin and compact premium camera that has inherited features of Fujifilm's X series. The slim body has a classic look with its silver-colored top and artificial leather as in FUJIFILM X100. The 2/3" CMOS sensor and F1.8 bright lens realize high image quality. The retractable 25 mm wide-angle 4x manual zoom lens enhances the camera's portability. Another feature is the GUIs displaying the zoom status and the E-Fn button to enable users to assign the desired functions.

Digital Camera [FUJIFILM X10]

FUJIFILM X10 is a compact camera that features the classical design of FUJIFILM X100. The body, with its top and base made from die-cast magnesium, is lightweight but robust, increasing its portability. It comes with a 2/3" CMOS sensor, an F2.0-F2.8/28-112 mm zoom lens consisting of all-glass elements and an optical zoom viewfinder. Features like the manual zoom ring also acting as the power switch and precision-milled metal dials enhance classiness and operability.