iF design award

The iF design awards have been presented since 1953 by iF Industrie Forum Design e.V., an international organization in Hannover, Germany, geared toward promoting public awareness of design. These awards launched in Europe, where industrial design was developed, are among the most prestigious international design awards. Every year, outstanding communication designs, product designs and packaging designs related to industrial products across the world are chosen to receive these awards.


Digital Camera [FUJIFILM X100T]

FUJIFILM X100T is a premium compact camera that is a dramatically-advanced successor of the X100 and X100S with enhanced high-class design and functions. The operating panel was improved in response to customer feedback. Together with the newly added operation buttons, it has an APS-C size X-Trans CMOS II sensor to improve image quality equivalent to a full size sensor and a dual view that shows the focus area in the EVF on the OVF, which is a new feature of our original hybrid viewfinder. These features provide an unprecedented joy of photographing.

Digital Camera [FUJIFILM X30]

FUJIFILM X30, a successor of X20, is a premium compact camera having an EVF with a viewing angle of 25 and 2.36 million organic EL pixels, which are the best in its class. It enables checking imaging information in the viewfinder free of parallax, a limitation of the optical viewfinder. The magnesium die-cast top and bottom are highly rigid and aluminum dials have an excellent feel and touch. While maintaining the power switch linked to the zoom ring, a control ring, tilt LCD, and rubber grip are newly equipped to the camera to make the user enjoy taking photos by looking though the viewfinder.

Digital Camera [FinePix XP70]

Boasting a waterproof and dustproof rating of IP68, FinePix XP70 has a stylish but durable design featuring waterproofing to depth of 10 m, structural impact resistance of 1.5 m, -10 C cold resistance, and dustproof. It has an optical 5x zoom lens from a wide angle of 28 mm and an optical camera-shake correction function. Effective pixel number is 16.4 million pixels. In the action camera mode, powerful images can be obtained by combining with a super wide angle action camera lens (equivalent to 18 mm converted in terms of 35 mm format). Wi-Fi is built-in to enable smooth communication with a smartphone.

Cinema camera lens [ZK12× 25]

The ZK 12×25 is a long zoom cinema lens that can cover a wide angle to a long distance view while maintaining 4K image quality. It can effectively change and adjust the lens with the long zoom, which has been an issue of fixed focal lens, short zoom lenses. The position and operation of various lenses have not been changed so that a camera operator and a focus puller can comfortably use this product. A larger and easy-to-read font is also used for indicating operation on the display screen by assuming shooting under low illumination environments. Together with a luminous coating material, ease of reading at the shooting site was pursued.


ASTALIFT WHITE PERFECT UV CLEAR SOLUTION is a UV serum for daytime use with an originally developed UV protective agent that blocks all UV wavelengths reaching the skin including Deep UVA that damage the skin’s subsurface, causing brown spots, wrinkles, and dullness. Astaxanthin, the effective ingredient that blocks the Deep UVA, is expressed with a clear cap on which a red graduation and a crystal cut are provided. The center of the cap is made of a special resin that changes its color on reacting with UV of all wavelengths (UV detection function), and provides the user with awareness and a joy of using by making the UV visible.

Skin care cosmetics [ASTALIFT WHITE Series]

ASTALIFT WHITE is a whitening skin care product series for women in wide ranging ages with skin troubles. The elegant bottle in brand color red that is aimed to let the user evoke the glowing skin that reflects light. It lets users to feel joy and expect its effect every time when using it. Safety and environment conscious, light-shielding refill cartridge prevents foreign objects from intruding so that the delicate components and quality do not deteriorate until final use, while allowing users to refill without spilling the content.

Digital Radiography [FDR D-EVO IISeries (43 / 35)]

FDR D-EVO II is a cassette-type digital X-ray image diagnostic device that can be used both in wireless and wired. The original image receiver and noise reduction circuit offer high quality images at low dose. Designed in the IEC Standard size, the device can be installed in existing facilities at minimum cost. The lightweight body with the thin curved rear corners reduces the user’s physical stress. With the waterproof structure washable with water, antibacterial coating, variation of image size and quality depending on use, and peripherals for convenience, it satisfies diverse needs in radiology and other clinical facilities.


Instant Camera [instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC]

The instax mini 90 is an instant camera that uses Fujifilm's credit card sized film (instax mini film). For a greater variety of instant photography enjoyment, it has new features like double exposure, bulb, party and kids modes as well as parallax adjustment to correct framing in macro shooting. A slimmer, more compact body and lower running cost have been achieved through the use of a rechargeable battery. With the Neo Classic design perfect for a top-class camera, the instax mini 90 will be used long and often by a wide range of users.

Digital Camera [FUJIFILM XQ1]

FUJIFILM XQ1 provides users with the joy of taking pictures, the fun of camera operation, and the satisfaction of owning a superior camera. It has a simple yet highly refined design featuring a 2/3" X-Trans CMOS II sensor, a bright F1.8 maximum aperture, an optical 4x zoom starting at 25 mm wide-angle, and a stylish compact body. In addition to the new interface and a control ring with a smooth operation feel, the XQ1 has a Wi-Fi transfer function so that a wider range of users can easily enjoy a high-grade camera.

Digital Camera [FUJIFILM X20]

FUJIFILM X20 is a classic-look premium camera, featuring the same basic design as the X10. The lightweight but robust body, with its top and base made from die-cast magnesium, is easier to carry than ever. It comes with a 2/3" CMOS sensor and an F2.0-F2.8/28-112 mm zoom lens with glass elements. Photo shooting information can be displayed in the viewfinder, which features the new Digital Trans Panel LCD. Features like the manual zoom lens also acting as the power switch and precision-milled metal dials enhance the high-class feel and operability.

Digital Camera [FUJIFILM X-M1]

FUJIFILM X-M1 is a compact and lightweight digital interchangeable lens camera with a classic-look design. On the body, high-grade synthetic leather is used to enhance durability and grip stability. Precision-milled dials and operation buttons are placed on the right side of the camera for quick and easy one-handed operation. The X-M1 has an APS-C size X-Trans CMOS sensor offering high image quality, a high-definition LCD monitor that tilts at various angles, and a Wi-Fi function for sending images to a smartphone or PC.

Digital Camera [FUJIFILM X100S]

X100S is a dramatically enhanced successor of the X100 while maintaining the popular high-class design and single focal length lens. In addition to improved controls, it has the new 16.3 million pixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor with no low pass filter and the EXR Processor II. The result is high-resolution and low-noise images, at a full-size sensor level, and rapid operational response with the world's fastest AF of 0.08 seconds. It also features a higher definition hybrid viewfinder, the world's first digital split image function, and the focus peak highlight function, all to promote joy of photography.


Digital Camera [FUJIFILM XF1]

FUJIFILM XF1 is a thin and compact premium camera that has inherited features of Fujifilm's X series. The slim body has a classic look with its silver-colored top and artificial leather as in FUJIFILM X100. The 2/3" CMOS sensor and F1.8 bright lens realize high image quality. The retractable 25 mm wide-angle 4x manual zoom lens enhances the camera's portability. Another feature is the GUIs displaying the zoom status and the E-Fn button to enable users to assign the desired functions.

Digital Camera [FUJIFILM X10]

FUJIFILM X10 is a compact camera that features the classical design of FUJIFILM X100. The body, with its top and base made from die-cast magnesium, is lightweight but robust, increasing its portability. It comes with a 2/3" CMOS sensor, an F2.0-F2.8/28-112 mm zoom lens consisting of all-glass elements and an optical zoom viewfinder. Features like the manual zoom ring also acting as the power switch and precision-milled metal dials enhance classiness and operability.