005: Endoscopy Internal checkups made easier

We created a new endoscope to lessen the discomfort of stomach examinations. Early detection of medical conditions is the first step to effective treatment.

Tiny, high-precision lens reveals fine details

Mounted on the tip of the endoscope is a tiny lens, measuring a mere 1.5 to 3 mm in diameter. This high-precision lens helps deliver finely detailed digital images.

A difference you can feel

Applying innovative technology, Fujifilm developed a new, slimmer endoscope.

Downsized for patient ease

Only 5.9 mm in diameter, this endoscope is thin enough to be inserted through the nose instead of the throat. Therefore, it avoids stimulating the gagging reflex.

Via the mouth

Because the endoscope touches the root of the tongue, the patient will tend to gag.

Via the nose

The endoscope bypasses the root of the tongue, so gagging is not induced.

Our innovations in technology are helping people lead healthier lives

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