008: Imaging Business For all the colors of your life

From the instant you press the shutter button to the final print or online photo album,Fujifilm is with you all the way.

Personal memories of beautiful moments

Fujifilm brings you seven decades of photographic experience combined with the latest digital technology. Enjoy the beautiful, long-lasting difference.

Precious beauty preserved: Photographic prints

The more precious your memories, the more you'll want to protect them with the pristine quality of Fujifilm photographic prints.

Digital photography: Digital means versatile fun

Whether you create a printed photo book or an online Web album, Fujifilm digital snapshots are vividly colorful and easy to share.

Exceptional quality: Accolades from around the world

Awards won by Fujifilm products testify to the exceptional quality and technological progress for which we constantly strive.

More fun, more ways

Special experience isn't needed to shoot special photographs. Fujifilm lets you capture all the delightful moments of your life, eff

For one and all: Photo fun for everyone

Bringing the pleasure of photography to more people every day is one of our fundamental aims in making things and doing business.

Easy to use: Complexity made easy

hooting beautiful pictures is easy with Fujifilm cameras, thanks to a unique synergy of advanced CCD sensors and image processing algorithms.

They said it couldn't be done

Are you ready for 3-dimensional photography? Further frontiers of imaging technology are on the horizon, as Fujifilm keeps moving ahead.

3D photos: 3-dimensional images with the naked eye

Technology invented by Fujifilm now lets you shoot and print images viewable in 3D, even without special glasses.

Innovative: We believe in breakthroughs

Fujifilm was the first in the world to market a digital camera. Staying at the leading edge of innovation is part of our DNA.

Leading with leaps of imagination

It was in 1934 that we made Japan's first movie film.  We've been at the forefront of innovation in imaging products and services ever since - bringing photographic fun and convenience to people around the world.

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