002: Digital Mammography Supporting women's health

More women are surviving breast cancer, thanks to medical advances.

Fujifilm pioneered digital mammogram technology

We invented digital X-ray technology and have optimized it for safety and accuracy in breast exams. Fujifilm was first to gain U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for computed radiography in mammography.

Sharper, higher quality images

AMULET is a full-field digital mammography (FFDM) system. It features Fujifilm's unique amorphous selenium direct conversion flat panel detector, which boasts the world's smallest* pixel size of 50 micrometers. Amulet achieves higher resolution with a lower X-ray dose, while its ergonomic design enhances comfort during the exam.

* Based on publically available and disclosed information as of May, 2009

Powerful support for early detection of breast cancer

Fujifilm's Image Intelligence™ technology makes mammograms easier to read, so doctors can provide a more confident diagnosis. Computer aided detection (CAD) analyzes the image and pinpoints areas of mammograms that may indicate cancer.

Breast cancer risk can be reduced through regular checkups

We support pink ribbon campaigns to raise public awareness

At Fujifilm we sponsor programs to encourage routine breast exams for early detection and treatment.

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