007: Nanotechnology Making things small brings big rewards

For more than seven decades, Fujifilm's pioneering technology has made photo imaging history. Through the pursuit of high-definition imaging beauty, we have developed expertise in nanotechnology that is finding an expanding range of apprications.

Secrets of skin beauty born of photographic film technology

Photographic film and human skin share an essential ingredient called collagen. Fujifilm combined its ultrafine particle technology with its in-depth knowledge of collagen to formulate innovative skin care products.

A symphony of expertise

Fujifilm skin care combines anti-oxidation expertise — like the technology that protects photos from fading — with ultra-fine particle nanotechnology and emulsification technology.

From photo film imaging to draft beer bottling

With photo film as our starting point, Fujifilm explores innovative combinations of different technologies. For example, by creating tiny pores in film membranes, we created a highly effective filtration technology that has broad applications in science, medicine and industry.

Industry: Draft beer in bottles and cans

To preserve draft beer flavor, Fujifilm's filter technology completely removes yeast without the need for pasteurization.

Dedicated to the reliability our digital era demands

Outstanding quality and reliability are hallmarks of Fujifilm products, whether photographic film or the latest digital tape cartridges and optical disks. To safeguard vast amounts of data, Fujifilm developed nanocubic technology. Based on decades of film and data storage innovation, nanocubic is Fujifilm's proprietary method of making nanometer-scale* ultra-thin coatings for digital media. * One nanometer is one-billionth of a meter

nanocubic technology: Data storage media

Fujifilm delivers the vast capacity and extreme reliability demanded by mission-critical enterprise applications.

Innovations: Joint research with IBM

Fujifilm and IBM have achieved a breakthrough in data storage technology that sets a new record in magnetic tape data density.

A legacy of precision for a future of infinite potential

Since its founding in 1934, Fujifilm has built a wealth of advanced technologies in the field of photo imaging. Today we are applying these technologies in new directions to create exciting solutions that enhance the quality of life.

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