004: Optical Technology Bringing tomorrow into focus

From tiny lens units in mobile phones to intricate lens mechanisms mounted on satellites, Fujifilm optical technology shows the way.

Optical technology specialist

Fujifilm's lenses play key roles in a wide variety of settings, such as TV studios, medical imaging and, of course, the popular digital cameras that people use every day. Building on long experience, our optical innovations keep bringing the world sophisticated new products incorporating advanced lens grinding and coating expertise.

Lenses specially designed for outer space

Fujifilm's optical technology created the lenses used aboard the lunar-orbit satellite Selene, which took high-definition stereoscopic images of the moon's surface.


Revealing the mysteries of our blue planet

Our ruggedly constructed lenses have also ridden into orbit on many of Japan's earth-observation satellites.

The world depends on our TV lenses

TV stations around the globe look to Fujifilm for reliable performance and innovation. Our share of the broadcast TV camera lens market is more than 50%.

* Japan Broadcasting Corporation

Three-time Emmy Award Winner

In 2009 the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences presented an Engineering Emmy Award for the Fujinon Precision Focus Assist System, co-developed with NHK* for high-definition imaging. Fujifilm also received Emmy Awards in 1996 and 2005.

Photo fun with mobile phones

Did you know that Fujifilm makes many of the camera modules used in mobile phones? We have a particularly large share of the high-megapixel market.

Camera module for mobile phones

Advanced optical technology developed by Fujifilm makes it possible to fit precision cameras inside mobile phones.

Zoom in on the next generation of optical technology with Fujifilm

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