003: Sustainability Forward to a sustainable future

Protecting the earth's beauty and vitality for future generations is a great responsibility.

Worldwide environmental effort

The need for pure and abundant water in photographic film making has impressed upon us the importance of conservation. In Japan and in our facilities worldwide we are striving for environmental quality.

A model of sustainability: Fujinomiya, Japan

Our Fujinomiya Factory is a model of sustainable water usage. The Shimizu River runs through the factory grounds. Volunteers from our factory and from the local community clean the river every year.

Turning waste into fuel: Greenwood, United States

Methane gas from a landfill near our Greenwood manufacturing facilities in South Carolina serves as a fuel for boilers. This helps protect the planet from greenhouse gases by reducing both methane and CO2 emissions.

Developing renewable energy sources: Tilburg, Netherlands

In the Netherlands, we are supporting a nature reserve near our Tilburg plate and color paper factory. We are also erecting wind turbines to help meet the factory's electric power needs in a sustainable way. Our Tilburg Research laboratory is developing membranes for potential applications in "blue energy," a method of generating electricity by mixing salt and fresh water.

Planting trees to green a desert: The Horqin Desert, China

Since 1998, labor union members of Fujifilm have helped plant trees to combat desertification in the Horqin desert of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.

Effective action to tackle climate change

Fujifilm is cutting greenhouse gas emissions and eliminating or minimizing other environmental burdens. Our global environmental efforts are based on the Fujifilm group Green Policy.

The Fujifilm group Greeen Policy has three parts: a basic policy statement, action guidelines and a set of nine priority targets.

Harmony with nature

As we strive for sustainability throughout our operations, we are expanding the scope of our efforts to include preservation of ecosystem diversity.

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