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Cameras, film, photofinishing services … Fujifilm delivers them all, around the world.


Japan's first motion picture film

It all started in 1934 with the mission to make Japan's first motion picture film. Since then, our products have evolved with the history of photography. Color films, single-use cameras, instant photo cameras, digital cameras — we make them all. And we offer everything required for beautiful prints, from high-quality inkjet paper to photofinishing equipment.

[Photo] Single-use camera, Fujifilm QuickSnap

Single-use camera, Fujifilm QuickSnap

Fujifilm raises the benchmarks for photography

Fujifilm is expanding its premium, high quality X-Series compact digital camera line-up. A unique synergy of advanced Fujifilm technology sets new standards for image resolution, image quality and performance.

[Photo] A FinePix digital camera


Shoot digitally, print professionally

For top picture quality and long lasting color prints, many people seek professional-grade photofinishing. To meet this need, our digital minilab photo kiosks, installed at retail locations, offer self-service photo printing from digital photo storage media.

A Closer Look

Imaging Business

For all the colors of your life

From the instant you press the shutter button to the final print or online photo album, Fujifilm is with you all the way.

Main Products and Services

Color Films and Others

  • Color negative films
  • QuickSnap single-use cameras
  • Instant photo system
  • Color reversal films

Electronic Imaging

  • Digital cameras
  • Digital camera accessories

Color Paper and Chemicals

  • Photographic paper for color prints
    Photofinishing chemicals

Photofinishing Equipment

  • Film processors and Printing equipment
  • Frontier digital minilabs
  • Frontier dry minilabs
  • Thermal photo printers

Labs and FDi Services

  • Film processing services
  • Photo printing services
  • Photo speciality services

PHOTO LIFE — An important message from Fujifilm

About this video

This video encapsulates Fujifilm's ability to offer a diverse array of exciting products and services made possible by the company's proprietary, leading-edge and innovative technologies. It also reflects the unlimited potential of photography to provide such value-added benefits as convenience, diversity and fun, and the ability of photos to enhance people's lives.

In recent years, the enjoyment of photography has undergone further rapid expansion with the development of various new digital technologies such as digital cameras, smartphones, other mobile devices, social networking services, etc. With all these technologies, photos have become an increasingly important part of people's daily lives. However, we wonder if people really appreciate photos like they use to. Even though the number of images taken has drastically increased, we wonder if people have really explored the full potential for enjoying photos.

With this in mind, we have implemented a new concept "Photo Life" to showcase how photos enrich people's lives, and how important to have outstanding printing services to ensure all those important life occasions can be captured forever in print.

Fujifilm is firmly committed to providing its full support to people's Photo Life.