Medical Imaging

Image Intelligence™ is also contributing in the field of medical imaging. Presenting only necessary information to the doctor.

Fujifilm helps to provide an efficient and precise diagnostic procedure by analyzing the image from an X-ray. Such techniques as density and contrast automatic adjustment enable parts of an image that were difficult to be seen to be displayed more clearly.

Automatically generates a soft tissue image and a bone part image in a single exposure.

Suppresses the image noise and realizes an enhanced image.

Prevents Moire from occurring for easy diagnosis.

Creates emphasized images by simultaneously applying edge enhancement processing on dark/light areas and peripheral tissues.

Emphasizes the dot patterns of calcifications which are difficult to display by MFP.

Automatically optimizes the density and contrast of X-ray images.

Optimizes the gradation of each body part image according to its diagnostic purpose.


  • * Image Intelligence™ is a registered trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation.