Face Detection Technology

Detects faces and determines the precise face area and exposure conditions. Automatically crops images or sets the proper exposure conditions for optimum results.

Detection method

People seem to detect other people's faces immediately, but actually, a complicated process takes place in the brain to do so. During growth and development, people become aware of the 'concept' of faces and things other than faces. When we see something, we instantaneously impose the characteristics of the image on our retinas, processing and calculating to see if the image conforms to our concept of a human face. The face detection in Image Intelligence™ is a sophisticated technology that mimics the working of the brain.

Scenarios for usage of face detection technology

Automatic cropping

By detecting the position of the face parts — eyes, mouth, etc. — it is possible to accurately infer the area of the face. This can be useful for automatic cropping and resizing when producing ID photos. In addition to repositioning, skin tones and other photo elements are also automatically enhanced simultaneously.

Off-center, undersized image
Camera-based Face Detection

Human faces are instantly and automatically detected, and focus and exposure are optimized to ensure the best results. Built into Fujifilm's FinePix digital cameras, Face Detection makes it possible to take attractive people pictures in a variety of shooting scenarios, including low light or night scenes.

1 : Face in sharp focus

2 : Optimized brightness


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