The moment, captured as a precious memory.
Whether a single photo or a photobook,
Image Intelligence™ plays a role.

Aiming to produce prints to achieve higher customer satisfaction, Fujifilm has been developing digital processing technologies for photography since 1986. As a result of many trials, in 1996 we produced the world's digital laboratory system. Thanks to the success of this development, tasks that used to require the skills of a professional in the analog age can now be carried out in an instant via computerized image processing. Now, no matter which FUJIFILM shop develops your photos, the prints will always have the same, beautiful quality.

Infers shooting conditions from facial or highlight colors to reproduce the intended image.

Optimizes contrast to create an image that resembles what was actually perceived.

Optimizes skin tones and/or high-contrast scenes such as landscapes.

Boosts color matching accuracy to achieve the same color from different printing methods.

Emphasizes image sharpness while minimizing noise.

Detects faces and determines the precise face area and exposure conditions. Automatically crops images or sets the proper exposure conditions for optimum results.

Automatically detects and corrects red eye.

Evolved from face detection technology, incorporating the ability to identify individual faces.

Automatically enhances skin tone and texture to create smooth, attractive images.

Enhances local areas of the image to achieve preferred printing results.

Simplifies enhancement of images with under/over exposure or color cast.


  • * Image Intelligence™ is a registered trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation.