Color that echoes the appearance of the original: high-quality color correction and color conversion technologies support consistent color management.

High-caliber color reproduction is a vital aspect of commercial printing. To produce printed materials with high-quality color, a variety of technologies are used to analyze and correct the initial RGB image for attractive color, followed by color conversion to a CMYK image appropriate for printing*. The incorporation of color profile services based on print diagnostic technology and color management services using sophisticated color matching technology supports consistent management of color quality during production of printed materials.


  • * When producing printed materials, RGB images from digital cameras and other sources must be converted to 4-color (CMYK) data.

Optimizes contrast to create an image that resembles what was actually perceived.

Optimizes skin tones and/or high-contrast scenes such as landscapes.

Boosts color matching accuracy to achieve the same color from different printing methods.

Optimizes color matching for a wide range of print media.

Emphasizes image sharpness while minimizing noise.

Automatically enhances skin tone and texture to create smooth, attractive images.

Vividness of monitor display images can be reproduced in printed materials.


  • * Image Intelligence™ is a registered trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation.