Color-fitting Technology

Optimizes color matching for a wide range of print media.

Different media types vary in such color reproduction ranges as photographic prints, prints by various types of paper and monitors. It is not rare that a single image can result in a wide difference in color reproduction. Image Intelligence™ Color-fitting Technology achieves consistent reproductions of optimized images in all media. (We call this image regularization)

Color-fitting Technology is particularly effective when used in processes such as production of printed materials. Production of printed materials requires many people from different fields -- photographers, designers, editors and printers -- all working with the same image. Color-fitting technology makes it possible to create a flexible and efficient workflow to enable regularization of image data across a range of different monitors and color printers.

Conventionally, production of the same artwork as a poster or leaflet (on art paper) and as a newspaper ad (on newsprint) require several proof stages to confirm the quality of the newsprint reproduction. Color-fitting technology significantly reduces the need to produce multiple proofs.


  • * Image Intelligence™ is a registered trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation.