Color Adjustment Technology

Boosts color matching accuracy to achieve the same color from different printing methods.

Commonly used color-matching methods based on ICC profiles can result in inferior color-matching precision because of characteristic differences between color measuring devices and printers, or inaccurate estimation from a color chart. Adjustment via device profile feedback is a particularly effective way to address this problem. Fujifilm is a leading company in featuring this technology in its products.

Process for color-matching of printing press color to printer output

  1. 1. A target color-chart (A) output by the printing press is measured to produce a target profile reflecting the printing press color reproduction characteristics.
  2. 2. A printer output color-chart (B) is measured to create a profile of the printer's color reproduction characteristics.
  3. 3. A device link profile is produced, indicating the color conversion necessary to reproduce the target color on the printer.
  4. 4. Color is converted using the device link profile, and the chart data is output by the printer (B'). Color measurement is performed and the device link profile is corrected until color conforms to the target chart.


  • * Image Intelligence™ is a registered trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation.