Multi-Ink Color Separation Technology

Vividness of monitor display images can be reproduced in printed materials.

RGB color data that appears vivid and intense on a monitor display may appear dull or muddied when reproduced as a color print.

Color printing normally uses 4-color process inks — cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (abbreviated as CMYK). When producing full color printed materials, colors other than CMYK can be produced by overlapping the 4-color process inks, but in the process of layering the inks, the colors invariably become muddied. In recent years, to restore dull colors and make colors more vivid, highly saturated red (or orange), green and blue inks are used with the CMYK inks.

Multi-ink color separation technology is conceived of as a method to convert RGB data into CMYKR(O)GB color separations with natural tone. Used together with color matching and color-fitting technologies, this technology makes it possible to achieve highly consistent reproduction of optimized images on various printing media.


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