The Technological Excellence of Image Intelligence™

The pursuit of human vision and intention. Innovation fueled by the quality and quantity of amassed technologies.

Light, entering through the eyes, is processed and projected as an image in the brain. Image Intelligence™ performs this same kind of image optimization and processing in a digital environment. In the field of film photography, over the course of 70 years, Fujifilm has accumulated vast knowledge and know-how of the pictures people took and the prints people intended to produce. In the current digital era, Fujifilm constantly pursues the principles of optimal image processing with statistical analysis of actual image input and desired output using sophisticated computer models. The resulting stable quality — or 'robustness' — is a defining characteristic of Fujifilm technology.

The results of this research are concentrated in Image Intelligence™ image processing technologies, which continue to evolve in pursuit of optimum imaging to suit the changing times.

From reproducing the world as we see it, our ultimate goal is creative expression that actually conveys the photographer's vision of the world.


  • Image Intelligence™ is a registered trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation.