Fujifilm is a technology company

A photography company. Although quite a few people still have this image of Fujifilm, today it’s so much more. By leveraging the technologies it originally developed for the photography industry and continuously and proactively pursuing advanced R&D, Fujifilm has created businesses in multiple high-tech fields and become a technology-oriented company. This article tells how Fujifilm made this crucial change in the nature and scope of its operations.

Fujifilm creates new value
by pioneering the future
with original advanced technologies.

From the starting point of photosensitive materials, we have refined a large number of core technologies that contribute to our performance and cost differentiation and employed them effectively in the development of new products and materials. Categorized by function, this contents presents some of the newest products and materials created with our original advanced technologies.

Fujifilm Group’s Core Technologies

  • Grain Formation Technology
  • Functional Molecules
  • Functional Polymer
  • Redox Control Technology
  • Nano Dispersion Technology
  • High-precision Coating Technology
  • Film Formation Technology
  • High-precision Forming Technology
  • Imaging Technology
  • System Design
  • MEMS Technology
  • Bioengineering

Fujifilm Group’s Fundamental Technologies

  • Material Chemistry
  • Imaging
  • Optics
  • Analysis
  • Biochemistry
  • Medical Design
  • Production System
  • Software
  • Electrical, Electronic