Newly developed optical disc technology featuring a unique organic dye enabling DVD-R recording at 1x to 16x speeds

February 2004

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. (President: Shigetaka Komori) has successfully developed a new form of optical disc technology enabling DVD-R recording at 1x to 16x speeds.

With this newly developed optical disc technology, it is expected that the standardization of DVD-R discs that are recordable at a very wide range of recording speeds, from 1x to 16x, will be realized.

The market for DVD recorders has grown rapidly over the last few years. Global sales are expected to triple from the previous year to around 4.4 million units in 2003.

In the fast-growing Japanese market, more than 70% of demand is for DVD recorders with built in hard disk drives (HDD), where programs can be recorded onto the hard disk and then copied onto a DVD. Users are demanding faster recording speed to disc in order to achieve shorter copying times.

A single DVD-R disc, which holds approximately two hours of recorded video data in standard mode, takes about 60 minutes to record at 1x speed or 15 minutes at 4x speed. At 16x speed, however, the recording time is slashed to around 5 minutes.

The new optical disc technology is a combination of new disc architecture technology as well as a unique organic dye developed using Fuji Photo Film organic synthesis technologies based on extensive experience in photo fine chemical research. The technology is expected to realize the standardization of DVD-R discs suitable for a very wide range of recording speeds, from 1x to 16x. This ensures compatibility with the new high-speed 16x recorders as well as 1x speed recorders that are already in the market; thus it can be used with a broad range of recorders.

Work on formulating standards for 16x DVD-R will begin this year, and shipping of the new 16x drives should also begin some time this year. Fuji Photo Film will be proactive in proposing optical disc technology based on our unique organic dye as an effort toward the standardization of 1x to 16x speed DVD-R discs and commercialization of products.

Main features of the new optical disc technology

DVD-R discs featuring the new organic dye offer four main advantages, as listed below. In particular, the ability to deliver excellent performance over a wide range of recording speeds (1x to 16x), as described in 1) and 2), represents an important breakthrough that has been made possible thanks to the superior optical and thermal properties of the new organic dye developed through precision molecular design by Fuji Photo Film.

(1) Excellent playback signal quality over a wide speed range

High-quality DVD-R playback signal with reduced jitter that is resistant to variations in laser intensity at a wide range of recording speeds, from 1x to 16x.

(2) Improved operational stability and compatibility

The land pre-pit signal-which is address information in pits located adjacent to the recording grooves and used for disc rotation and laser beam positioning control-experiences negligible damage, even if irradiated with a high-power laser during 16x speed recording. The result is improved operational stability and compatibility.

(3) Superior storage performance under high temperature and high humidity conditions;
     storage life of over 100 years* at room temperature

* Storage life estimated using the Arrhenius storage performance acceleration method for determining storage life in a relatively short period, based on storage tests under a range of environmental conditions designed to determine the effect of temperature on the rate of deterioration.

(4) Improved operational stability and compatibility

Main specifications of prototype disc

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