Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. to Construct New Research and Development Center, the Advanced Core Technology Laboratories Approximately 46 billion yen Investment to Integrate and Consolidate Corporate Laboratories in Kaisei town, Ashigarakami County, Kanagawa Prefecture

December 2, 2004

In order to make further headway toward the goal of creating new businesses, which is a key part of the medium-term management plan VISION 75 announced in February 2004, Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. (President: Shigetaka Komori, hereinafter referred to as "Fujifilm") has decided to purchase a site and build a new research center in the town of Kaisei, Ashigarakami-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture. It will invest a total of approximately 46 billion yen over five years -including 24 billion yen in the first year of the project- to construct a new research and development center, the Advanced Core Technology Laboratories, that will take the lead in the innovative activities of the Fujifilm Group.

This year, as part of its efforts to create new businesses for the future based on the VISION 75 plan, Fujifilm established three corporate laboratories: the Advanced Core Technology Laboratories, the Life Science Research Laboratories, and the Imaging Software Technology Center. These laboratories are intended to handle cross sectional core research for the company as a whole. This new R&D facility is to integrate the activities of laboratory research staff in such diversified technological areas that competitors do not possess as highly functional materials, nanochemicals, optical element technologies, biotechnology, precision micromachining, software. The new facility will also consolidate the work of other researchers in the development of fundamental technologies. The objective of the new facility is to create groundbreaking new innovative technologies and offer a new set of values to society through new products and services by integrating the knowledge and expertise of engineers from various fields.

By demonstrating the synergistic effects and collective strengths that will result from the integration of these advanced technologies over an extremely broad range of fields, Fujifilm aims to produce highly original new technologies intended to create the new businesses designated in VISION 75 to support the company's future, centered on the digital imaging, life sciences, and functional materials/information devices fields.

In addition, the Advanced Core Technology Laboratories are designed to serve as a core R&D base intended to lead the innovative activities of the entire Fujifilm Group. This will be achieved by expanding research areas through implementation of efforts to develop new technologies through alliances with Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. (President: Toshio Arima) and Fujinon Corporation (President: Takeshi Higuchi) as well as industry-academic partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions.

In order to realize a more efficient and productive research environment, the Advanced Core Technology Laboratories will adopt the most up-to-date workplaces and work practices. This will include the creation of leading-edge information-technology environments and working spaces that encourage communication between researchers of different fields from both within and outside the company (such as information-sharing spaces and open laboratory spaces). The design of this facility will take safety and environmental issues into full consideration, thus ensuring maximum harmony with the local region.

Overview of the Advanced Core Technology Laboratories:

Location: Kaisei Town, Ashigarakami County, Kanagawa Prefecture
Floor area: approximately 57,000 square meters in a six-story R&D building
Content of research: construction of fundamental technologies centered on the digital imaging, life sciences, and functional materials/information devices fields
Number of employees: approximately 600 employees planned upon opening the facility
Amount of investment: approximately 46 billion yen (2006-2010)
Construction planned to begin: March 2005
Planned completion date: March 2006

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