October 19, 2005

Yamaha Corporation and Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. today announced the Labelflash™ technology, a new technology that advances the ability to burn high quality images directly into a specialized dye layer on the disc labeling side using laser for data recording. This technology allows consumers to personalize and customize their DVDs with photos, text and graphics, replacing traditional sticker and marker labeling.

Labelflash™ technology allows a consumer to burn pictures and/or write titles on the label side of the DVD discs specially developed for the Labelflash™ system with DVD writers with Labelflash™ function. There is no need for printers and consumables for printing. To obtain high resolution and contrast pictures in blue and silver color, a consumer only needs to turn the disc upside down and insert it into the drive again after recording data. The unique technology burns the image 0.6mm deep into the media in as little as five minutes, creating a more stable and permanent image than traditional printable media that uses the top layer of a disc for labeling. If this system is applied to DVD set-top recorders, a consumer will also be able to burn program titles and thumbnail images more easily.

The technology marries the unique Yamaha DiscT@2 ("Tattoo") technology for picture burning on CD-R data side with the advanced photochemical expertise of Fuji Photo Film, which is a leading company in dye technologies for optical media.

Fujifilm and Yamaha are contacting many major DVD drive, DVD set-top recorder and DVD disc manufactures to encourage them to adopt this system.

1. About Labelflash™ Technology
(1)  Customize the label side of your DVDs with the existing "data recording laser."
Labelflash™ system burns pictures directly into a special layer added to the non-data, or label, side of a DVD disc and eliminates the need for special printers, labels or pens.
(2)  High quality images on the disc label side
Labelflash™ utilizes existing recording laser in standard DVD-writers to burn a high contrast and resolution image by changing the blue dye color to colorless. Consumer can choose picture-burning time from 5 min. to 20 min. in accordance with their quality needs.
(3)  Stable against vibration while burning pictures
Labelflash™ utilizes newly developed laser, pick up and rotation control, and high-speed signal processing system of image data. And newly developed Labelflash™ DVD disc structure realizes the optimal focusing setting because the picture-burning layer at 0.6mm deep into the media is the same depth as the data recording layer on the data side.
(4)  Longlasting titles and pictures on DVDs
*1  Images "burned" are more durable and stronger against scratches than those printed by printer and others because images are protected by the polycarbonate layer.
*2  Labelflash™ system can avoid troubles traditional sticker labeling may have, such as unstable rotation due to weight unbalance and damage to the drive by the possible peeling off of the sticker while operation.

2. Labelflash™ Specifications
General Specifications of Labelflash™ System
Laser wave length 655nm
NA 0.65
Picture-burning time 5min(Fast mode) - 20min(High Quality mode)
General Specifications of Labelflash Disc
Depth of the picture-burning layer 0.6mm from the disc surface
Dye for the picture-burning layer Organic Dye
Picture-burning area (radius) 25mm - 58mm

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