Fujifilm Buys Medical Imaging Products Distributor,Medical Equipment Service and Maintenance Company in France

January 16, 2006

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. (President: Shigetaka Komori; hereafter Fujifilm) announced that a contract was concluded to acquire the 100% of the shares of Fuji Medical Systemes France S.A. (hereafter FMSF), a French medical imaging products distributor, and TSR Holding S.A. (hereafter TSR), a French medical equipment service and maintenance company from GRED S.A., their holding company. The transaction is expected to be completed in February 2006 upon obtaining applicable regulatory approval.

Fujifilm has earned global recognition for developing the digital x-ray imaging diagnostic system FCR (Fuji Computed Radiography) and its Web-integrated PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System) SYNAPSE, network systems to handle medical imaging information. An increasing number of health care facilities around the world have installed SYNAPSE, proving its high quality and reliability. Fujifilm has globally expanded its medical diagnostic imaging operations, which have become one of its core businesses.

FMSF has built a solid market base in France as a distributor of Fujifilm's medical imaging products. Its sales of FCR and Fujifilm dry imagers have been growing rapidly and are expected to continue growing. TSR is also showing steady growth in service and maintenance of medical equipment.

The acquisitions will provide Fujifilm with a medical sales subsidiary in France, in addition to existing subsidiaries in Germany, U.K., Italy and Spain, all of which play a core role in medical imaging products sales within the EU economic zone. Through its expanded European sales subsidiaries, Fujifilm will implement a direct and unified global strategy. By closely matching its marketing and sales activities to the needs of the market, Fujifilm will enhance its medical imaging business in France and continue its effort to contribute to improve the quality and efficiency of medical care and people's health.

<About Fuji Medical Systemes France S.A.>
Business activities: Sales of medical imaging consumables and equipment
Capital: 1.25 million euros
Net Sales: 84 million euros (as of the end of 2004)
Headquarters: Paris, France
Employees: 50

<About TSR Holding S.A.>
Business activities: Service and maintenance of medical equipment
Capital: 750,000 euros
Net Sales: 10 million euros (as of the end of 2004)
Headquarters: suburbs of Paris, France
Employees: 100

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