Fujifilm Develops New Graded Index Plastic Optical Fiber "LUMISTAR-X"-Enables High-speed transmission greater than 10Gbps, the world's highest standard -Easy-to-handle and Suitable for the internal appliance wiring

January 18, 2006

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. (President: Shigetaka Komori; hereafter Fujifilm) announced that it has developed LUMISTAR-X, a Graded-Index (GI*2) Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) that enables high-speed transmission at speeds of greater than 10Gbps, the world's highest standard. Fujifilm's LUMISTAR is a revolutionary product, the first large-diameter plastic optical fiber capable of high-speed transmission of greater than 1Gbps. With Fujifilm's proprietary highly-functional technologies, the new LUMISTRAR-X has even higher optical performance while maintaining its acclaimed features, e.g. easy-to-handle.
*1 Gbps: bps stands for billions of bits transmitted per second. 1 G (Giga) = 1 billion.
*2 GI is a plastic optical fiber that has a graded-index (parabolic distribution of index profile). The optimal refractive index enables transmission of greater than 10Gbps with no signal deterioration.

The growth in digital content and enhancements in image processing technologies in recent years has greatly boosted the need for high-speed information processing. Examples include increasing demand for transmission speeds of greater than 10Gbps when exchanging information among computers and servers that instantly process high-load data. Moreover, growth in demand is anticipated for high-speed networks in offices, hospitals, data centers as well as home networking.

The new GI-POF LUMISTAR-X allows reliable transmission at speeds greater than 10Gbps, and is made from a highly flexible material which makes LUMISTAR-X suitable for internal appliance wiring. Moreover, since LUMISTAR-X is easy-to-handle, the operation cost can be reduced.

Utilizing Fujifilm's proprietary highly-functional materials technologies with other unique capabilities of the Fujifilm group - Fuji Xerox's VCSEL *3 technology, the Fujinon lens and optical parts for transmission, etc. - Fujifilm will offer optical transmission systems that can be utilized in the network construction for high-speed optical transmission.
*3 VCSEL stands for Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser. It is widely used as light sources for optical transmission, laser printer scanning and optical measurements.

Features of the New GI-POF "LUMISTAR-X"
1. High-speed transmission:
Fujifilm has developed a new, highly transparent plastic material with a designed refractive index profile optimal to the material's properties, thereby achieving transmission speeds of greater than 10Gbps, the world's highest standard.
2. Wide applicability:
Since LUMISTAR-X is compatible with the 850nm wave-length VCSEL light source generally used for optical transmission, it can be applied not only to appliance connection wiring but also to internal appliance wiring.
3. Easy- to-handle:
The flexibility of the material (bending radius: 10mm) and its large diameter fulfill the needs for easy workability in the fiber ends treatment, connection and installation. It can also be used for wiring in tiny spaces inside machines and hinges, where bending and stretching occur repeatedly.

LUMISTAR-X will be displayed at the Fiber Optics EXPO 2006 to be held at the Tokyo Big Site from January 18 to 20, 2006.

Table 1 Fiber Specifications (Preliminary)
Fiber diameter (μm) *4 500
Core diameter (μm) *4 120
Loss (dB/km) max. 100 (*5)
Band Width (GHz@50m) min. 10 (*5)
*4  nominal value
*5  measured with 850nm collimated light

Figure 1 Graded-Index (GI) Plastic Fiber Transmission Properties
(Compared to the conventional Step-Index (SI) POF)

Figure 2 10 Gbps Eye Diagram *6(LUMISTAR-X 40m, 10.3125Gbps@850nm)

*6 The Eye Diagram is a method of evaluating the signal deterioration. When Oscilloscope data is displayed overwritten numerous times, the waveform will resemble a human eye. The transmission properties of the LUMISTAR-X leave the eyes wide open, which indicates that the signal quality is high.

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