Fujifilm Establishes a Branch Office in India to Further Expand Business

April 3, 2006

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Shigetaka Komori; hereafter, Fujifilm) announced that it has upgraded its office in India from a Representative Office to a Branch Office, effective as of April 1 this year, with the aim of further expanding its business in India. At present, the Branch Office is in the process of obtaining necessary operational registrations in India, and is to conduct its activities in due course upon obtaining the requisite registrations.

A sizable and continuous economic growth is envisaged in India, one of the rapidly emerging "BRICs" countries, where the markets relevant to Fujifilm's businesses also have high prospects for growth.

Fujifilm, since the 1970's, has been exporting goods to authorized Indian distributors, conducting and expanding sales activities and, through these activities, has established a strong business base in India. Pursuant to these activities, Fujifilm established its Representative Office in India in 1995 and the office has since promoted business engagements between Fujifilm group companies and Indian companies. One of the two core activities of the new Branch Office is to start its own sales and marketing activities in India, while the other is to enhance the technical and marketing support Fujifilm provides to its authorized Indian distributors. Through these new initiatives and efforts, Fujifilm is determined to further expand its business in India.

By the establishment of the Branch Office, Fujifilm will improve its capacity in India to provide its customers in this immensely fast-growing market with solutions that best meet their needs, on different business fronts such as Photo Imaging, Medical Imaging & Life Science, Graphic Arts and Recording Media, with the objective of making contributions to the growth of these industries in India.

About India Branch Office :

(1) Name:  Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd. India Branch Office
(2) Business activities:  Import / Sale of Fujifilm Products, Provision of Service & Support to Indian Distributors & Customers
(3) Location:  New Delhi, India.
(4) Number of Employees:  15 persons (planned at the end of the first year).

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