FUJIFILM to Enhance Production System of printing plates for Offset Printing in China

Commencement of Operations at New "PS and CTP Plates" Factory in Suzhou, China

March 22, 2007

   FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO: Shigetaka Komori) today commenced operation of FUJIFILM Printing Plate (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.'s (hereinafter referred to as, "FFPS") new factory which is to be the new focal point of production for the main products of its graphic arts business, "PS and CTP Plates."
   Having positioned the offset printing plate field as a growth business, FUJIFILM has already established a four-base PS and CTP plates production system encompassing Japan, the US, Europe, and China and has established a global system to facilitate the smooth supply of high-quality products and service in order to meet the increasing worldwide demand for CTP and PS plates. In particular, in the Chinese market where demand continues to rapidly increase, after establishing a joint venture known as "FUJIFILM Starlight" in Hebei Province, China in October of 2000, FUJIFILM established FFPS in January 2005, and constructed a new factory. With the addition of FFPS, which will be the second focal point for production of PS and CTP plates in China, FUJIFILM can meet domestic demand in China and leverage its position to increase exports to Asia and other destinations.
   FUJIFILM has long been a leading company in devices and materials for printing. It continues its worldwide development,manufacture,and sales of a broad spectrum of products from graphic arts film , PS and CTP plates, software, film and plate setters for prepress . FUJIFILM plans to continue to expand and develop its graphic arts business, which is one of its core businesses, and contribute further to the development of the global printing industry.

<Profile of New Factory in Suzhou>

2.  Location: Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou , Jiangsu Province
3.  Representatives: Board Chairman Nobuaki Inoue, President Fumio Ooi
4.  Capital: US $39 million
5.  Ownership: FUJIFILM 100%
6.  Products: PS and CTP plates for offset printing
7.  Area: Approximately 150,000 m²
8.  Number of employees: 230

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