Fujinon, a world-leading company in next generation of endoscope, forms a business alliance with Given Imaging famous for Capsule Endoscope.

April 11, 2007

   FUJINON CORPORATION of Fujifilm Group (President: Takeshi Higuchi, hereinafter called Fujinon) formed a strategic cooperation agreement with Given Imaging Ltd. (head office: Israel, President and CEO: Homi Shamir, hereinafter called Given) in "Sale", "Parts supply", and "Research and Development" in the field of gastroenterological endoscope in March of this year. By the alliance between Fujinon, which continuously develops and releases characteristic new products such as Double-Balloon Endoscope System with unique technology, and Given, which is the world innovator and leader in manufacturing Capsule Endoscopes, both companies cooperate and complement each other in the field of gastroenterological endoscopy. Accordingly they will achieve stronger competitiveness and maintain strengthened leading position on technical level for next generation of endoscope system.

   Double-Balloon Endoscope System, which was developed by Fujinon in 2004, has been already introduced more than 500 hospitals in 40 countries. Over 500,000 Capsule Endoscopes provided by Given has been sold in more than 60 countries so far. Capsule Endoscope and Double-Balloon Endoscope System make less invasive examination and treatment possible in the area of small intestine, having been called "Black Organ". In clinical practice, studies with the combination of Capsule Endoscope useful in examinations and Double-Balloon Endoscope System especially effective in treatments have been carried out frequently, to get significant achievements.

   Under the strategic cooperation, Fujinon has taken distributorship (non-exclusive) of workstation for Given's Capsule Endoscope (product name: RAPID), data recorder, and capsule (product name: PillCam SB, PillCam Agile Patency) worldwide. As a first step, Fujinon and Given will determine on a case-by-case basis in which countries Fujinon will sell the joint portfolio of products so that both companies leverage their strengths. Over time, the two companies will negotiate to expand this collaboration to more geographical regions across the globe. By adding Capsule Endoscope to the product portfolio of Fujinon, the company will provide powerful customer solutions and expand sales worldwide by interacting with Double-Balloon Endoscope.

   In parts supply, Fujinon will contribute to more high-performance of Given's Capsule Endoscope such as high-quality images and high-functions. To begin with, Fujinon plans to supply high-performance lens units for Capsule Endoscope to Given.

   Additionally, in Research and Development, fusion of much know-how in advanced optical technique of Fujinon and medical imaging analysis technique in Capsule Endoscope of Given will promote collaborative developments of next generation of system in the field of gastroenterology. Fujinon will provide more effective and less invasive therapeutic approaches for digestive diseases and contribute to medical progress by strengthening the collaboration between both companies and expanding the fields.

About Fujinon :
   Fujinon has continually developed as an optical equipment manufacturer of Fujifilm Group. The company has developed numerous products compatible with high-performance and high-quality images using the established optical techniques and provided them to the whole world. In the broadcast fields, the company developed lens compatible with Hi-Vision early and got various lineup including the 101x lens which is the highest quality zoom lens in the world, to have more than 50% of the worldwide market share. Regarding the lens unit for a mobile phone with camera function getting popular in the market, the company leads the world with high-resolution, compact lens unit using aspherical lenses.
   In the fields of endoscopes, the company has developed continuously various innovative products promoted the expansion of business by introducing the products such as Double-Balloon Endoscope System, which make the examination and treatment in whole small intestine possible, endoscopic diagnostic imaging support functions FICE, and trans-nasal gastroscope which is prevailing in Japan and Asia for the examination with less pain to be inserted through the nose.
   Endoscope business of the company maintains two digit growth every year, and aims at further expansion and growth in the fields of gastroenterological endoscopy.

About Given :
   Given is redefining gastrointestinal diagnosis by developing, producing and marketing innovative, patient-friendly products for detecting gastrointestinal disorders. The company's technology platform is the PillCam™ Platform, featuring the PillCam video capsule, a disposable, miniature video camera contained in a capsule, which is ingested by the patient, a sensor array, data recorder and RAPID® software. Given has three commercially available capsules: the PillCam SB video capsule to visualize the entire small intestine which is currently marketed in the United States and in more than 60 other countries; the PillCam ESO video capsule to visualize the esophagus; and the Agile™ patency capsule to determine the free passage of the PillCam capsule in the GI tract. The PillCam COLON video capsule to visualize the colon has been cleared for marketing in the European Union, and multi-center clinical trials are underway in Europe and the U.S. A capsule to visualize the stomach is under development. More than 500,000 patients worldwide have benefited from the PillCam capsule endoscopy procedure. Given's headquarters, manufacturing and R&D facilities are located in Yoqneam, Israel; it has direct sales and marketing operations in the United States, Germany and France, and local offices in Japan, Spain and Australia.

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