FUJIFILM Fully Supports IT Enhancements at small Clinics

A Network-Ready, Compact Digital X-Ray Imaging Diagnostic System

Sold 10,000 Units in Japan

April 13, 2007

FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO: Shigetaka Komori, hereafter, FUJIFILM) reached 10,000 units in combined sales in Japan of "FCR Pico SYSTEM" and "FCR CAPSULA SYSTEM"which are compact version of FCR(Fuji Computed Radiography), a digital X-ray system, sold via FUJIFILM Medical Co, Ltd (Company President: Hisatoyo Kato). Both systems are downsized and designed for space efficiency, network ready and support IT enhancements at small clinics, and our customers have given high scores on their operability and high quality imaging performances.

FCR is a medical digital X-ray system that generates high quality diagnostic images by reading X-ray image data recorded on an Imaging Plate (IP) and by performing optimal digital image processing for each diagnostic purpose. FUJIFILM became the first to develop the system in the world to achieve the digitization of medical images by FCR in 1981, and has contributed significantly to enhanced quality and efficiency in diagnostic imaging. FUJIFILM continues to offer a product lineup to satisfy a broad range of needs from large facilities including hospitals to small facilities including small clinics, which are close to their communities

In recent years, with an expansion in the role expected of regional medical services, the number of medical facilities, particularly small clinics, is increasing each year. Furthermore, with advancements in IT in the medical field, there is acceleration in digitization at small clinics. Consequently, many small clinics are actively installing compact type FCRs, which boast high image quality and flexibility in installation space. Both systems are able to connect with C@Rna (**), a medical network service, to record images on DVD and to refer to prior images on demand, making contributions to building a network of regional medical services and enhanced efficiency in medical operations of small clinics.

FUJIFILM continues to develop this business with a new growth strategy that is focused on "medical imaging and life sciences businesses" and is a basic strategy of FUJIFILM's medium-term management plan. This is also in line with our Corporate Philosophy, which states, "Our overarching aim is to help enhance the quality of life of people worldwide" with our leading-edge, proprietary technologies. FUJIFILM will continue to provide optimal solutions for a wide range of imaging diagnostics needs at each facility, and contribute to enhanced efficiency and quality of medicine, maintenance and improvement of people's health and quality of life.

(*)"FCR Pico SYSTEM" consists of "FCR XG-1" and "DryPix1000", "FCR CAPSULA SYSTEM" consists of "FCR CAPSULA" and "DryPix2000".

(**) FCR images can be transferred and stored at a C@Rna data center by establishing a link with C@Rna data centers and neighborhood hospitals by a high-speed dedicated data line with advanced security features, using FCR CAPSULA VIEW, an image processing unit, as a imaging data terminal, and can quickly retrieve and show prior images when needed. In addition, this is a medical network system that allows the making of reservations to use advanced medical diagnostics equipment, including CT's and MRIs, at neighborhood partner hospitals and the requesting of FCR image interpretation to radiology specialists.

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