Price Revision of Industrial X-ray Film

September 6, 2007

FUJIFILM Corporation (President & CEO: Shigetaka Komori) has decided to revise the price of its Industrial X-ray Film from October 2007 onward.

For many years FUJIFILM has supplied its Industrial X-ray Film to a wide range of customers, and has thus made an important contribution in a variety of industries. FUJIFILM Industrial X-Ray Film is used for the inspections of welding and casting operations, and in a variety of plant maintenance inspections. However, in addition to the increasing digitalization of inspection methods, the price of key raw materials, such as silver, has soared over recent years. FUJIFILM has exerted the utmost efforts to absorb these increased costs by reducing expenses and enhancing productivity. However, this practice has now proved unsustainable.

For the above reasons, the price of Industrial X-ray Film will be revised as follows:
1.  Product name: FUJIFILM Industrial X-Ray Film
2.  Date of increase:
Japanese market: Products shipped from November 1, 2007
Export: Products shipped from October 1, 2007 onward (*)
(*) For the global market, the date of increase will differ depending on the country.
3.  Increase rate: 5% to 30% (**)
(**)  The above rate is for the price of the product sold by the manufacturer.
The rate will differ depending on the type of the product.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

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