Seeking Further Business Expansion in the Fast-Growing Indian Market
FUJIFILM to Establish a Subsidiary in India

February 5, 2008

With an aim to further expand its business in India, FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO: Shigetaka Komori; hereafter “FUJIFILM”) has announced its decision to establish “FUJIFILM India Private Limited”, an overseas subsidiary in India. The local entity will undergo various registration procedures mandated in India, in preparation for an operational launch in March.

India has attracted great international attention as a market place with a strong growth potential, backed by notable economic growth over recent years. Since the 1970s, FUJIFILM has developed and expanded business operations in India through local dealers. It opened a Representative Office there in 1995, and upgraded it to a Branch Office in 2006 to further consolidate the company’s business foundation. The decision to establish a local subsidiary reflects FUJIFILM’s determination to further expand operations.

The launch of the local company will facilitate an active campaign to develop new markets for digital products in such fields as digital cameras, medical apparatus and graphics equipments. FUJFILM also aims for further business expansion in India by reinforcing technical and marketing support to existing dealers.

With the establishment of the local subsidiary, FUJIFILM will accelerate its efforts to “provide solutions that immediately address market needs” in India which is experiencing significant economic development, and achieve growth in its existing business fields including Photo Imaging, Medical Systems & Life Science, Graphic Systems and Recording Media, while contributing to the development of Indian industries.

Indian Subsidiary:

(1) Name: FUJIFILM India Private Limited
(2) Location: New Delhi, India
(3) Representative: Kenichi Tanaka
(4) Paid-in Capital: 100 million Indian rupees
(5) Business Activities: Import / sales of FUJIFILM products; Packaging sales of FUJIFILM products and locally-procured goods; Technical and marketing support to local dealers
(6) Number of Employees: 29 (planned at the end of FY2008)

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