Fujifilm Introducing Computer Support System for Detecting Breast Cancer Powerful Support for Physicians in Interpreting X-Rays for Early Detection of Breast Cancer
FCR Digital Mammography CAD “MV-SR657”

February 6, 2008

FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO: Shigetaka Komori) has announced the introduction of FCR Digital Mammography CAD MV-SR657 to the Japanese market through Fujifilm Medical Co., Ltd. (President: Hisatoyo Kato).

FCR Digital Mammography CAD (Computer Aided Detection) is a computerized detection system to assist physicians in detecting breast cancer through the computer analysis of mammography images taken using FCR *1 during routine mammography screening by indicating sites showing the characteristics of breast cancer. The breasts of Japanese women are generally different from those of Western women in that they often have more developed mammary glands. Fujifilm has developed its proprietary detection algorithm based on a wealth of cases from within Japan, and has been able to achieve a high detection rate for sites indicative of the characteristics of breast cancer, including microcalcifications and masses. Moreover, a display of each site can easily be enlarged by a single click. Reading X-ray images of a breast cancer examination is an extremely difficult task that has been compared to "finding a white rabbit on a snowy mountain." Fujifilm’s CAD system is expected to contribute to improving the accuracy of diagnoses. With the Japanese government aiming for a cancer screening rate of 50%, this system will aid physicians in the work of reading the large volume of X-rays required from this increase and will contribute to the early detection of breast cancer.

Fujifilm was the global forerunner in 1983 when we released the FCR digital X-ray imaging diagnostic systems, realizing the digitalization of medical imaging. In 2003, the FCR PROFECT CS*2 suitable for mammography went on sale, and has done much to aid in the early detection of breast cancer. Total worldwide sales of the FCR PROFECT CS have already surpassed more than 5,000 devices, which have been well-received and highly relied upon by many healthcare facilities in Japan and around the world. Fujifilm is also taking an active role in emphasizing the importance of early detection of breast cancer through our support of the Pink Ribbon Campaign*3. The release of the FCR Digital Mammography CAD system will provide even stronger support for improving early detection of breast cancer and accuracy in diagnosis.

From the basis of the corporate philosophy of "using leading-edge, proprietary technologies to help enhance the quality of life of people," Fujifilm is strengthening its efforts in medical systems and life sciences, a priority business area.

We will continue to provide solutions that most appropriately meet the wide variety of needs of diagnostic imaging, to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare, and to contribute to further improvements in the quality of life.

*1 Abbreviation for Fuji Computed Radiography. This is a medical application digital X-ray imaging diagnostic system which reads the X-ray image information recorded on the Imaging Plate (IP) and generates a highly accurate diagnostic image using digital image processing designed to be optimal for each specific diagnostic purpose.

*2 For use in mammography, the 50μm scanning high definition and bifacial convergent reading technology for X-ray imaging information recorded on the Imaging Plate (IP) effectuate 20pix/mm high definition. It is a digital X-ray imaging diagnostic system, which can clearly depict even small objects such as microcalcifications.

*3 The Pink Ribbon Campaign is a worldwide campaign being conducted to eradicate breast cancer and enlighten people about the necessity of early consultation for health screening.

1. Launch date: February 6, 2008

2. Product name: Fuji Computed Radiography (FCR) Digital Mammography Computer Aided Detection (CAD) MV-SR657
(Pharmaceutical name: Medical Application Picture Processing Image Display Device MV-SR657)

3. Standard price: MV-SR657 complete set*4 ¥20,000,000 (excluding tax)

*4 Product includes 1 CAD-equipped computer and 1 operating screen display monitor (3 megapixels).
SYNAPSE specialized mammo-viewer is an option sold separately which is only available in Japan.

4. Using the CAD:
The CAD is a detection support system to be used after the physician has conducted a reading of the X-ray.
The following is an explanation of its use.

March 8 to 11

5. Principal advantages

(1)  Enables CAD processing of mammography with images taken by FCR.
(2)  If an image is saved on SYNAPSE*5 via the device, the results of the CAD may also be displayed on SYNAPSE*6.

*5 SYNAPSE is the brand name of PACS sold by Fujifilm.

*6 A separate mammo-viewer is required.

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