Widening viewing-angle film for LCD TVs,
WV-EA takes the Grand Prix in the “Advanced Display of the Year 2008”

April 17, 2008

  FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO Shigetaka Komori; hereafter “Fujifilm”) has actively pursued the Flat Panel Display Materials Business as one of its priority business fields. Our viewing-angle widening film “WV-EA,” the business segment’s main product designed for TN-mode*1 LCD TVs, has gained well-deserved recognition winning the Components and Materials category of the “Advanced Display of the Year 2008” awards. The award ceremony was conducted on Wednesday, April 16 at FINETECH JAPAN, one of the largest display exhibition for the flat panel display industry.

The annual “Advanced Display of the Year” awards, this year marking the 13th, an industry award that has been attracting increasing attention each year. It aims at recognizing outstanding products in the flat panel display industry, raising awareness, and contributing to the further advancement of the industry’s technologies and markets.

The WV film,*2 Fujifilm’s expanding viewing angle film for LCD displays, has established itself as the de-facto industry standard in this field for its ability to significantly widen viewing angles at low costs. The award-winner WV-EA, a third-generation product in WV film, delivers horizontal and vertical viewing angles of more than 160 degrees. It incorporates Fujifilm’s precision-coating and material technologies, nurtured in the photographic film business, to achieve highly uniform thickness and substantial improvement in image quality as a result.

The award reflects the industry’s recognition of our contribution in developing and commercializing an innovative WV film that will significantly enhance the performance of TN-mode LCD TVs, as the market witnesses the introduction of LCD TVs in ever-increasing sizes.

Fujifilm will continue to make timely introduction of materials that contribute to the advancement of flat panel displays, and fulfill its role as a leading company in flat panel display materials to further contribute to the advancement of industry.

(*1)  A mode in which liquid crystal molecules are lined up in a particular formation. Other modes available include the VA mode, IPS mode and OCB mode.
(*2) Film that substantially widens the viewing angle of an LCD panel. It is a product unique to Fujifilm.

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