Fujifilm to integrate Fujinon endoscope business

July 30, 2008

  FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO: Shigetaka Komori, hereafter "Fujifilm") announced today that it resolved a decision at its Board of Directors meeting to merge the endoscope business operated by Fujinon Corporation (President: Shigekazu Matsuki, hereafter "Fujinon"), a 100% subsidiary of Fujifilm, into Fujifilm's medical systems business division through a process of absorption-type split from October 1, 2008.

In its medium-term management plan "VISION75," Fujifilm has positioned medical systems/life sciences businesses as one of priority business fields, and the company is aggressively expanding in this fields by strengthening facilities investment, research and development and by pursuing a policy of mergers and acquisitions.
The endoscope business is expected to show future growth. Up until now, Fujinon has formed the core of our successful efforts to develop products based on innovative concepts including the transnasal endoscope which can be inserted through the nostril for minimum discomfort, and the double-balloon endoscope which facilitates the examination and treatment of the small intestine. In December 2005, in order to respond to the increasingly diverse needs of the medical industry, Fujifilm established an endoscopy systems department within its medical systems business division. By strengthening the coordination of activities between Fujifilm and Fujinon, we have achieved stronger strategic marketing capabilities and have also accelerated the development of new products by fusing each company's respective expertise in image processing technology and in optics and precision assembly technology. In order to further strengthen our future competitiveness, we have decided to integrate Fujinon's endoscope business into the medical systems business division of Fujifilm, which will enable us to integrate capabilities including marketing and development, and further expand the endoscope business.

Fujifilm is accelerating the progress of various initiatives in the medical systems/life sciences businesses based on its Corporate Philosophy of "using leading edge, proprietary technologies to help enhance the quality of life of people." Fujifilm will continue to provide the innovative new products and services that enhance the medical industry, help to improve healthcare quality and efficiency, promote healthier lives for people.

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