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Fujifilm FinePix Z110: the ultimate picture-taking accessory

January 5, 2012

Introducing the new FinePix Z110 compact camera, an update to the hugely popular FinePix Z90 that sees the very latest Fujifilm imaging technology contained in a stylish, colorful casing. The Z110 is the perfect camera for young, style-conscious, individuals that love taking pictures and video of their friends and family. And with a 14.1 mega-pixel CCD sensor, a 5x Fujinon Optical zoom and a host of innovative functions on board, it'll deliver great results regardless of the setting.

Premium image quality

With the FinePix Z110 in a pocket or handbag, users need never worry about blurred, poorly lit or badly exposed pictures. Now, every unforgettable moment can be recorded in high quality thanks to a 14.1 mega-pixel CCD sensor and 5x Fujinon optical zoom. The FinePix Z110 is also perfectly designed for taking stunning portraits of friends and family, with unique imaging technology to lend a helping hand in the makeover process. Next to the Z110's lens is a Frame Assist Mirror that's perfectly curved to show the entirety of a scene and assist composition when the camera's held at arm's length for shooting a self-portrait or group shot. To help further, Face Detection will ensure that everyone in the shot is sharp and perfectly exposed. Plus, after an image has been taken, users can choose to apply the FinePix Face Retouching functions, which helps to improve the subjects' appearance — for instance, Smoothing, Brighten and Enlarge eyes.

Great pictures after dark

Taking pictures of friends or family when out for dinner or at a party can be disappointing, as the resulting images can often be badly exposed or too dark to see who's in the shot. With the FinePix Z110 in hand, however, users can take their best ever party pictures, thanks to the camera's dedicated Night Out mode that enables the capture of clear, sharp pictures with full detail. It's even been optimized to work most effectively at a distance of approximately 2 m from the subject — an average restaurant table width. The Z110's Intelligent Flash technology provides the correct amount of illumination and with a maximum sensitivity of ISO 3200; users can turn up the camera's capability for recording available light for those times when they don't want to fire the flash. In addition, the Z110 has Digital Image Stabilization built-in, which reduces the effect of camera shake or subject movement for the very best results.

Supermodel styling

The Z110 is a camera that users will enjoy showing off. The sleek all-metal casing slides open at the front to activate the camera and reveal the premium-quality Fujinon lens. What's more, the camera's large 2.7-inch LCD screen enables users to compose and review images in detail, plus sleek and easy-to-use buttons enable swift control of the camera. The buttons are illuminated with a cool and contemporary blue LED light for easy operation, even in the dark.

Creative captures

Artistic individuals can go beyond the still image with the Z110's Motion Panorama mode and 720p HD movie capture for full creative control over how a scene's recorded. The Motion Panorama mode automatically stitches together pictures to create seamless, detail-filled panoramic images, and is ideal for shooting holiday destinations or recording wide shots of action-packed parties. For capturing movies, the Z110 has a dedicated button on the upper of the camera to start and finish movie recording so users don't have to flick through the camera's menus to begin creating short films. And as the 14.1 mega-pixel sensor captures movie in 720p HD, users can watch their creations back on a HDTV so the whole family can share the memories.

Easy pictures, every time

The Z110 also offers SR Auto mode that automatically assesses a scene and applies different settings to optimize the resulting images. Up to six different scenes can be detected: Portrait, Backlit Portrait, Macro, Landscape, Night Portrait and Night.

Available in six gorgeous colors: pink, purple, jade, blue, white and black, there's a color way to suit all wardrobes.

Fujifilm FinePix Z110: key features

  • 14.1 mega-pixel CCD sensor
  • 5x optical Fujinon zoom lens
  • Six colors, all-metal stylish design
  • Framing Assist Mirror
  • Face Retouch functions
  • Night Out mode
  • 2.7-inch LCD screen
  • Motion Panorama mode
  • 720p HD movie capture
  • ISO 100 - 3200
  • Digital Image Stabilization
FinePix Z110

FinePix Z110

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