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Fujifilm to Increase Prices for Motion Picture Films

July 5, 2012

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) announced today that it will increase the prices for Motion Picture Films on a worldwide basis.

Color Positive Film
Color Negative Film
B&W Positive/Negative Film
Intermediate Film
Sound Recording Film
High Contrast Panchromatic Film

Increase Rate

  • * Rate differs depending on product and market.

Date of Price Increases
Effective from Sep 3rd delivery.

To sustain stable supply of Motion Picture Raw Films, Fujifilm implemented a price increase last year and also has been undertaking intensive structural reforms to reduce fixed costs and improve productivity to absorb the increasing costs of raw materials and Japanese yen appreciation. However, due to reduction in production volume resulting from a dramatic and rapid acceleration of digitalization in the Motion Picture Film industry since last year, Fujifilm is no longer able to absorb its production costs entirely by the company's own efforts. Thus, Fujifilm has concluded an increase in selling price is unavoidable.

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