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Fujifilm establishes local subsidiaries in Colombia and Panama Reinforcing the digital camera business in Latin America

December 17, 2012

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) has established the direct sales subsidiary FUJIFILM COLOMBIA S.A.S in Bogota, Republic of Colombia, and the Latin American logistics base FUJIFILM Latin America (PANAMA) S.A. in Panama, the Republic of Panama, to accelerate the expansion of digital camera business in the fast-growing Latin American market. Both companies will commence their business operations in January 2013.

Fujifilm is reinforcing the business in regions where the expansion of product sales is anticipated for its digital camera business, which offers a broad lineup from entry models to the series of “X” premium models. The company has been building direct-sales infrastructures, strengthening its business bases in Ukraine, South Korea and Indonesia during 2011, and Vietnam, South Africa, Turkey, Sweden and the Philippines this year.

The Republic of Colombia is enjoying a steady economic growth of approx. 5% per annum on average since 2010 due to social and economic stability stimulating private-sector investments. With Latin America's third-largest population of around 46 million, after Brazil and Mexico, the country is expected to show an increasing demand for digital cameras in coming years. Fujifilm has been selling digital cameras through a local distributer, but will now switch to the direct-sales system, deploying local-oriented marketing and swiftly conducting sales activities.

Colombia is not the only Latin American country showing a high rate of economic growth, with strong latent demands for the digital camera market. The company is establishing the region's logistic base in Panama, a geographical center of the region with an edge in terms of logistics costs and transport convenience, aiming to substantially shorten the delivery time to sales organizations in Latin American countries, reducing inventory and transportation costs.

The establishment of these local subsidiaries will reinforce Fujifilm's business for digital camera products in Latin America. With emphasis on the premium interchangeable lens cameras “FUJIFILM X-Pro1 / X-E1” and the series of “X” premium digital cameras, the company is applying the digital camera business's sales strategy dynamically and speedily, adopting new channels and deploying advertising to make a thorough appeal of their premium image quality and sophisticated design.

With the reinforcement of its sales structure, Fujifilm will promote the growth of the digital camera business in the global market, while making further contribution to industrial and cultural development in each country.

< Overview of the Colombian subsidiary >
Location: Bogota Republic of Colombia
Representative Toru Ishinari
Paid-in capital 200 million yen
< Overview of the Panamanian subsidiary >
Company name FUJIFILM Latin America(PANAMA)S.A
Location: Panama Republic of Panama
Representative Toru Ishinari
Paid-in capital 150 million yen

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