What is Recombinant Peptide (RCP)?

Fujifilm's recombinant peptide is 100% free from animal derived material, and bio-degradable and bio-absorbable. The recombinant peptide has realized a high reproducible quality with high grade purity

It is applicable as safe extracellular matrix for a variety of cells and it is suitable for regenerative medicines and a broad range of medical applications, such as cell culturing and drug delivery system by adjusting formulation and cross-linking technologies.

Cellnest™ recombinant peptide based on human collagen type I

Its design is based on human collagen type I (α I chain). This type of collagen exists in large quantities in organs such as dermis and bone tissue.


  • High cellular adhesiveness
    The material is enriched with arginine-glycine-aspartate (RGD) sequences to enhance cell adhesion.
  • High safety and biocompatibility
    Cellnest is a non toxic sequence of human type I collagen and does not contain animal-derived ingredients (xeno-free product).
  • Biodegradable and bioabsorbable material
    This biodegradable and bioabsorbable material will not remain in the body.
  • Highly flexible formulation
    The recombinant peptide has an extremely uniform molecular weight distribution of approximately 51 kD and is flexible to formulate into various forms, such as sponges, porous particles and granules.
  • Stable manufacturing quality
    Cellnest is produced via a biotechnological yeast process and therefore has a high reproducible quality, leading to a reliable performance.


0.1% Solution vol.:20ml

0.1% Solution vol.:20ml

Lyophilized vol.:100mg

Lyophilized vol.:100mg


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