FinePix F Series

FinePix F800EXR

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Feature 4Sharing images easily via Wireless Image Transfer

Wireless Image Transfer which enables users to easily transmit their photos to their smartphones via a free app.

Wireless image transfer process

Uploading Multiple Pictures to a Smartphone

Select and Upload up to 30 Pictures at a Time

Use the camera to select and upload up to 30 pictures at a time.

Downloading Location Data from a Smartphone

Location Data for Photographers on the Go

Download location data from your smartphone and save it with your pictures.

Browsing the Camera from a Smartphone

Remote Camera Browsing

Browse the pictures on the camera from your smartphone or tablet and select pictures for download.

Tag images with location information from your smartphone

Users can display their present location on the LCD monitor of the camera by sending the location data (latitude and longitude or none) that the smartphone or tablet holds. The information can also be recorded on the photo itself. When this image is sent to the user's smartphone or tablet, the shooting location can be displayed on other map applications.

Automatic Geo-Tagging

Incorporating approx. 1,000,000 places worldwide, the on-board POI database records your location when you shoot.

AR Landmark Navigator

Frame your shot in Landmark Navigator, and the direction and distance to nearby landmarks and other points of interest, indicated by icons, are overlaid on the scene. Shift direction and new landmark icons appear. Point the lens straight down to display landmarks within a 1.5km radius.

Photo Navigation

Revisit your favorite spots! Location information is used to calculate and display the distance from your present location to the place where a tagged photo was taken.

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  • * Sample photos are simulated images.