The Raw Power of Digital Cameras

The Raw Power of Digital Cameras

A Digital Camera Lens that Professionals Choose!

It is no exaggeration to say that the lens features high image quality, advanced zooming, wide-angle and other excellent capabilities of a camera.
FUJINON lenses are highly rated and widely trusted in a broad range of genres, including TV lenses, satellite optics lenses, binocular lenses and mobile phone lenses. Developed with many of the best functions in the world and some unique capabilities, FUJINON lenses are mounted on every compact digital camera model.

Four Capabilities of the Fujifilm's Digital Camera

1. Powerful zoom and color production that support broadcast TV lenses

With powerful zoom lenses, the greater the zoom, the more concern there is about color distortion and blurring. By controlling the impact of chromatic aberration, no matter what the setting, the lens depicts what the eye sees. The technology for broadcast TV lenses, with its expressive power of recreating colors with vivid clarity, has created a digital camera equipped with high image quality and a powerful zoom.

The powerful zoom lens is capable of beautiful depictions of objects placed in the far distance
High powered lens
The outstanding resolution is capable of depicting the finest detail, reproducing beauty as it is.

2. High resolution also used for satellites

Distortions of image and color arise when light passes through the lens. To control the impact, we produced ultra-precision lenses with our ultra-precision processing technology, the result of advanced lens design and the skills of our technicians. We have made possible vivid images with high resolution. The technology, which is used for satellite lenses, enhances the ability of digital cameras to capture the moment.

High-precision image quality that corrects color blurring and distortion.

3. Clear image quality and eco-glass mounted in binoculars

The phenomena of blurry or circles of light occur when light is reflected in the lens. FUJINON lenses have succeeded in keeping reflection loss to a minimum. Combining this picture performance with a technology for binoculars that adopts environmentally friendly eco-glass, we have created a digital camera that offers superb image clarity.

Achieving high image quality even with light-weight, miniature lenses

4. Productivity and lightweight miniaturization for mobile phone

Armed with the development capability and high-volume production that made lightweight miniature lenses possible, we respond swiftly to a range of needs. From design to production and quality assurance, our integrated production system is indispensable in the field of camera phones, where high performance and stable production output are required. The production system, which supports volume production of high-quality lenses for mobile phones, delivers the outstanding image quality of digital cameras into the hands of people all over the world.

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