The Quality of FUJINON Lenses is Recognized Around the World

The Quality of FUJINON Lenses is Recognized Around the World

Emmy Awards (In 2009, 2005 and 1996)

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has awarded us the Emmy Award, the so-called Academy Award for television, three times in the past.


We received the award for the third time for the highly rated Precision Focus technology, the first auto-focus system for broadcasting lenses developed in collaboration with NHK.


Since developing the world's first lens for hi-vision broadcasting in 1979, FUJINON has been rated highly for many years of progress in “developing high-performance lenses adapted to hi-vision.”


The first time we won the award for “development of a TV lens adapted to CCD” which had been highly acclaimed. The award was given in recognition of our integrated technological capability from development to manufacture of high-quality broadcast TV lenses, and for our contribution to the industry.

The Deming Prize

The Deming Prize is one of the most prestigious awards for quality management in Japan, and as a manufacturer of optical instruments, this marked the first time for FUJINON Corporation to win the award.

Other Awards


Camera Journal Press Club Special Award


Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan Award
Yoshinori Koyama, an experienced technician (lens processing) won the award for Contemporary Master Craftsman.


Hi-Vision Promotion Association, Chairman's Award
FY1998 Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan Award


The Japanese Society for Quality Control, Quality and Technology Award
The Society of Operating Cameramen (US), Technology Award


SATIS New Technology Award

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Functions of World No. 1

DIGI POWER 101, the 101x TV zoom lens

From 8.9mm wide angle to 900mm telephoto in a mere 0.6 seconds. The world's top 101x zoom captures the facial expressions that show the intensity of athletes.

Wide Angle Zoom TV Lens 14x Series

Best in the world for wide angle of views exceeding 90°, thoroughly capturing narrow indoor spaces as well as endlessly unfolding landscapes with a wide-end focal length of 4.5mm.

Optical Color Separation for TV Cameras

The optical color separation system breaks down images captured by TV lenses into the three primary colors of light, RGB. We are proud to be among the best in the world with reliable technology that supports color broadcasts.

Camera module for Mobile Phones

FUJIFILM Camera module for mobile phones has been well recieved in the market. Camera modules have acheived superior image quality combined with Optical Image Stabilizer utilizing Digital Camera technology.

Laser Interferometers

The FUJINON laser interferometers facilitate ultra-precise measurements for lenses, metals or ceramics. We are proud of our top market share with the de-facto standard for measuring shapes on lens surfaces.

Digital Cinema Lenses

Digital films are shot with hi-vision camera systems. With a world-class performance, the technology of the FUJINON HD cinema lens has supported so many world-famous films.

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Only Function of its Kind in the World:

The Precision Focus (PF) Lens

Our proprietary auto focus system was developed for the world's first broadcasts using hi-vision lenses. The system support sports broadcasts including soccer and baseball.

Large Binoculars

The large binoculars with an aperture of 15cm are an original product only from FUJINON. In addition to surveillance applications, it is also widely used for astronomical observation and comet-spotting including the Hyakutake Comet.

Stabiscope and Techno-Stabi Stabilized Binoculars

Stabilized binoculars control jittery images. The original FUJINON technology adopts advanced gyro-control rather than the typical hand tremor compensation. Brought into action for use on helicopters or yachts.

Large Surface Interferometry System

For surfaces with a diameter of 30cm. The FUJINON Large Surface Interferometry System is the first in the world to attain nanometer measurements of surface shapes. The system was developed by mobilizing the essence of technology.


DESPI is the first system in the world to realize ultra-precise shape measurements in a dynamic state. The sophisticated technology is the fruit of research collaboration between industry, academia and government.

  • * DESPI : Dynamic Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry

GX645AF: the AF Medium Format SLR Camera

The GX645AF was developed in collaboration with the world-renowned Hasselblad camera manufacturer. It is the medium format auto focus SLR camera in the world.

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