X Series


Feature 2Classically strong design encases advanced functions


To accommodate its real-time viewfinder, dual control ring and high-capacity battery, the FUJIFILM X30 has undergone a radical redesign. The FUJIFILM X20 has been updated to a body with a solid, functional beauty. The larger handgrip, which improves handling and helps users compose through the viewfinder, is complemented by a tiltable LCD monitor and an upper control deck with a classic design. The camera's footprint is compact and sturdy thanks to its magnesium body, metal dials and lens barrel.

Dual Ring
Function Buttons
Rubber grip
Tilt LCD
Solid shape

Dual Ring

Thanks to the new control ring, which automatically determines the most appropriate settings for the chosen shooting mode, functions like aperture, shutter speed and more can be quickly chosen without taking your eye from the viewfinder. This is complemented by the manual zoom ring, and physical dials which have become a hallmark of the X series.

<Default Setting>
Program shift

An automatic combination of aperture and shutter speed can be adjusted in Program mode.

Aperture / Shutter speed

Aperture is changed during aperture priority AE, and shutter speed is changed during shutter priority AE.

Film Simulation

Used during SR+/Auto. PROVIA, Velvia, ASTIA, CLASSIC CHROME and other color reproduction styles unique to popular films can be selected.

Scene position

In Scene Position, users can move through 14 different settings, optimized for portraits, sports, night, fireworks and so on.

Advanced Filter

In Advanced Filter Mode, the control ring lets users choose from 8 types of filter which add an artistic style to photos.

Advanced Mode

In Advanced mode, the control ring cycles through a section of creative shooting effects including Multiple Exposure, Pro Low-light and more.

Manual focus

In Manual focus mode, the control ringis used for focusing.

<Settings that can be customized>

ISO100 to ISO12800 is available, supporting optimum ISO for the amount of light.

Film simulation

PROVIA, Velvia, ASTIA, SEPIA and other color reproduction styles unique to popular Fujifilms can be selected.

White balance

Preset modes, such as sunny and shade, or color temperature can be selected for white balance.

Continuous shooting

Switchable between Super high speed, High speed, Medium speed and Low speed. It is useful when shooting moving subjects.

Shoot your way with six Function buttons and the Q Menu

Frequently accessed settings can be reached in an instant, thanks to the six customizable Function buttons on the FUJIFILM X30. These are augmented by the Q button which brings up a user-defined menu of further settings to speed up shooting.

Accessories that help you expand your shooting style (sold separately)

"Quick Shot" Leather Case

Perfectly in keeping with the FUJIFILM X30's design, this case offers enhanced protection and an improved grip. Smooth operation is unaffected as the battery can be changed without removing the case from the body.

Special TTL Flash
EF-X20 / EF-42 / EF-20

Three external flash models are available for the FUJIFILM X30.EF-X20 (GN20/ISO100·m), EF-20 (GN20/ISO100·m), and EF-42 (GN42/ISO100·m).

Bespoke Lens Hood(w/ Adapter Ring)

Adapter ring and lens hood set, which allows the use of the 52mm-diameter filter. The hood has a classical slit.

Lens Hood, Hood Cap and Special Protector Filter 3 pc Set

Offered in black and silver and with a machined finish that befits the FUJIFILM X30, a metal protective filter and lens hood can be added for further protection.

External stereo microphone

Attached to the body, the MIC-ST1 provides clear, stereo sound for video work. The mic level can be set between four levels, and the meter helps prevent clipping.

Remote Release


  • · Sample photos are simulated images.