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Minori Aoki

Baby Nap Photographer

"The skin tone and texture is captured beautifully by X-M1. The camera produced an expressive result even in poor lighting conditions of the evening indoor scenes!"

Minori Aoki, representative of "Baby Nap Photographs with Eichan" (Eichan no Ohirune Art)
The mother of a daughter born in 2007 and a son born in 2012. Acquired qualifications as childcare worker & baby sign language instructor following the birth of the first child.
Became fascinated with baby photography after the birth of the second child, and has been producing baby-themed photos since the child was around 1 month old.
Her photography has been featured in various media, including TV commercials and advertisements.
Currently providing photographs to various companies and working as an instructor in baby nap photography events. Author of "Baby Nap Photographs" / Shufunotomo Co., Ltd. (No.1 seller in Amazon's parenting journal / baby album category)

Ei-chan on a date with his sister

Hi, this is Aoki.
Let me show my photo samples taken with X-M1


This is Ei-chan on a date with his sister.
X-M1's compact size makes it ideal for accompanying it for a walk.
I followed cute interactions of my two children, using the Toy Camera function.

This was taken at the recently-opened Shisui Outlets.
We waited in line at the popular Garrett Popcorn shop, and took a break at the Godiva café. They enjoyed window shopping, holding each other's hand.

The auto-focus is fast, and the cute Toy Camera function gave a cool touch to the image.

Baby nap photographs with Ei-chan

These are examples of my baby nap photographs.

The Toy Camera function brings a sense of fantasy to my baby nap photos.
The LCD monitor tilts freely, giving added comfort and convenience.
I can take photos exactly at the right angle.
The compact size of the camera makes it easy to hold still.

Convenient feature

Tiltable LCD

The tiltable LCD is a convenient feature for baby nap photography.

Advanced Filters

Set the Mode Dial to [Adv.] to access a variety of Advanced Filters to achieve cute effects easily.

You can access the Toy Camera function from here.

I have also tried Soft Focus, High Key, Pop Color, and Partial Color (using a different color in part of the image).

Continued from the Party section

What amazed me was the way the camera handled evening indoor scenes in poor lighting conditions! (My condo is in the middle of renovations, with black covers placed over windows.)

I mostly used ISO3200, but the finished images were stunning!
The X series of cameras show their outstanding performance in low light.

I am currently studying in an anniversary planner course by Soko Tatsumoto.
Every month, I do my class assignment on party lessons at home.
Thanks to X-M1, I can submit beautiful photographs regardless of weather.

The photo on the left used the High Key filter, and the photo on the right used the Soft Focus filter.
Selecting different modes in the Advanced Filters (Adv.) transforms the images dramatically. I am so happy with the magazine-like finish.

High Key(Advanced Filters)

Soft Focus (Advanced Filters)

These are the photos I took for my assignment on parties the other day.
The theme was a "garden party".

Even when the composition is identical, changing the mode and settings transforms the finished atmosphere.
· Custom "Yuru-Kawa"* setting
· Pop Color mode
· Red-only mode (Partial Color: Red)

  • * "Yuru-kawa" means soft and sweet in Japanese. This setting allows users to shoot images with a light and airy touch to give "soft and mellow" touch.
    Example of "Yuru-Kawa" setting: Film simulation: Astia, Exposure Control +2, ISO 800, Dynamic Range 400, Color +2, Sharpness -2, Highlight -2

Yuru-Kawa setting

Pop Color (Advanced Filters)

Red-only mode (Advanced Filters)

Toy Camera (Advanced Filters)

Toy Camera (Advanced Filters)

Ei-chan having a bath

This is an extra...
Ei-chan having a bath.
The camera produced an expressive result despite low lighting conditions.
The skin texture and even droplets of water are captured beautifully despite using ISO 3200. I am thrilled.

Ei-chan in the Cry Baby Sumo Festival

This is another report on X-M1

We went to the Cry Baby Sumo Festival!
It is a traditional Japanese festival, with babies held by sumo wrestlers competing who cry first on cue from the referee.
Ei-chan did a fine job crying, and received a seal of endorsement as prodigy :)
This event is meant to wish the babies' healthy growth.

Halloween party

These are photos from a Halloween party.
I used the Pop Color and Toy Camera modes.


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