X Series


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Feature 3Advanced Electronic View Finder & Large 3.0-inch Tilt LCD

Bright and wide, high resolution Electrical View Finder assists you to capture the scene well and multi angle LCD enables easy shooting especially for macro shooting.

Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) - 100% Coverage 1.44 million Dots of High Definition Quality

Large High-performance EVF Displays the Scene in Bright Beautiful Detail

Framing and composing shots while viewing the large 0.47-inch screen with 1,440,000 dot resolution in the X-S1 electronic viewfinder is a true pleasure. The image projected by the bright LCD panel is clearly carried to your eye with high fidelity through 2 glass lens elements and 1 aspherical lens. The EVF boasts a wide 26° field of vision and brightness.

Even at Telephoto, What You See in the Viewfinder Is What You Get in Your Photo

The unique advantage of EVF is its ability to give you an accurate depiction of what the final image will look like. Depth of field, colour temperature, colour mode and other desired image quality settings are reflected in the image displayed in the viewfinder without the influence of the lens F-value so you can compose the image without guesswork. The final photo reflects exactly what you aimed to create in the viewfinder.

Electronic Viewfinder with Eye Sensor

Put your eye to the EVF and Eye Sensor automatically switches display from the LCD to the highly responsive viewfinder.

  1. 1. Eye Sensor
  2. 2. LCD ON
  3. 3. EVF ON

LCD Monitor

3.0-inch Tilting LCD Screen

Compose shots at even the most difficult angles with this useful tilting 460,000 dots of resolution, LCD screen.
The monitor features the monitor sunlight mode for improved viewability even under bright sunlight outdoors.
Press and hold the "EVF/LCD" button at the back of the camera down for a few seconds to activate this mode.


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.