X Series


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Feature 4X-S1 Performance

Besides its high image quality, X-S1's confortable design ensures excellent usability that enables higher performance.

Performance of X-S1

Precision Grip of All-metal Dials

Precision milled from solid metal, the mode and command dials not only accent the high quality look, but also respond to your touch with just the right amount of torque resistance and a satisfying 'click' sensation.

All-metal Lens Hood for the Look and Feel of Quality

The pursuit of premium quality extends to the high-precision finish of the all-metal Lens Hood and Lens Ring and multiplies the pleasure of ownership.

“Made in Japan”, the Mark of Premium Quality

Each and every part of this camera is the product of high precision engineering and the highest quality standards.

Rubber-like Coating

Coated in a rubber-like texture for a high quality finish, the X-S1 welcomes your hands with a comfortable and sure grip.

Large Button

Individual operation buttons are sized and laid out on inclination to ensure ease of use in outdoor photo opportunities.

Superb Flash Performance Even Close Up

Simultaneously raising and sliding the flash slightly forward, the pop-up flash system lets you take flash macro shots as close as 0.3m from the subject.


Body structure that keeps off moisture and dust.
The body features sealing around lids (for card slot, etc.) and rubber ring on the lens to prevent the entry of moisture and dust.
Combined with the integrated lens that does not require replacing, the entire system delivers a high level of tightness.

Optional Accessories

Shoe Mount Flash: EF-42 and EF-20

The Shoe Mount Flash assists to capture various scenes in combination with camera's internal flash.

Remote Release: RR-80

Attach to your X-S1 to remotely release the shutter. It suppresses the camera shake when releasing the shutter.


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.

A Closer Look

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