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Ben Cherry

Photographer's Bio

Ben describes his main subject focus as environmental photojournalism, covering both the nature side of his subject and the human aspect. He first became interested in photography when he was eleven, building on a lifelong love and interest for nature, which combined into his passion. Constantly developing, he has had success in international competitions at junior levels and is now getting noticed in adult competitions, with organizations like National Geographic and Travel Photographer of the Year. Having just graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Zoology degree, Ben is now looking to start a career where he combines his science and photographic interests for conservation. In his own words, this is what he tries to convey "I love capturing moments that tell a story and taking landscape pictures that depict the essence of a location. I attempt to get the viewer to feel the way I felt when I took the image – it's about experiencing the wonders of the natural world and how we relate to it."

Website: http://www.bencherryphotos.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BenCherryPhotography?ref=hl

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/benji_cherry

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/benji_cherry

About this Project

I have been based in Malaysian Borneo for over two months now, photographing a wide selection of the incredible biodiversity found on this iconic island. From orangutans and proboscis monkeys to pygmy elephants and preying mantises, I need a system that could be adaptable and react quickly to the situation at hand. When I heard about the X-T10, I thought this would be the ideal camera. Small, perfect for travelling and with much more advanced auto focus, this X-Series camera ticked all the boxes and produced photos that I feel do the incredible wildlife of Borneo justice.

Photographer's Testimonial

The tropical conditions and variable light situations meant that this was a tough task for any camera system, but the compact, high quality X-Series produced brilliant results. One of the toughest tasks was photographing pygmy elephants, in cramped, dark conditions at often very close quarters. Situations evolved quickly and meant that there was always something going on and I had to be alert whilst surrounded by a thirty strong herd of elephants. The new auto focus system in the X-T10 meant that I never missed an opportunity and combined with a variety of the lenses available such as the XF10-24mm, XF16mm, XF56mm, XF50-140mm, meant that I was able to develop a photo story about this incredible animal and how it is vulnerable to extinction.

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Charlene Winfred


Photographer's Bio

I was born and raised in Singapore, and spent my adult years in Australia. In 2013, I sold everything I couldn't carry with me to became a nomad. This allows me to explore the urban spaces of the world with a camera in hand. It's heaven.

I have used Fujifilm X-series cameras and lenses exclusively since 2012: X-Pro 1, X-E2 and the X-T1 in succession.

I am a 2012 Magnum Workshops Fremantle scholarship winner, and in the same year, exhibited solo at Foto Freo's Open Programme. My clients include Svitzer, Red Bull Studios, and of course, Fujifilm.

Web site: http://charlenewinfred.com/

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