X Series


Advanced Features 2

Elaborate and high-quality trimmed body design

Two colors have been prepared to fit the trimmed design; a black overflowing with high class, and a highly-dignified clear silver.

Contrast of the upper control deck against the camera body

The black model has an all-metal body with contrasting upper control deck.

Simple lines with a refined, sophisticated design

Metal seam that lets the elegant one-tone silver body stand out.

X Logo that expresses pride and camera quality

Proud of its place in the premium X series line-up, the FUJIFILM XQ1's outlined X character gives a classic feel, along with a stylish accent color.

Metal control ring with reassuring texture

The control ring and dials are all-metal, with knurled edges which add to the superb feel and hold of the camera.

Ultra compact two-step lens barrel

The lens barrel is made of just two sections so that it keeps as compact a form as is possible. This in turn enhances the durability of the drive system.

High performance Super Intelligent Flash

Fujifilm's Super Intelligent Flash automatically adjusts the amount of additional lighting needed dependent on the scene. Natural images are produced even in close-up macro photography, with no blown out highlights.

F1.8 Fujinon lens that proves the quality of optical performance

High-performance F1.8 lens with brightness and resolution that lives up to Fujinon quality.

Control ring that lets you operate with your instincts in both auto and manual modes.

The control ring around the lens mount can be customized to 1 of 13 settings in advance. This makes it feel more like analog camera. Functions can be set with the E-Fn button on the back. If it is set to "Default", it will automatically choose the setting recommended for whichever mode you are in.

Choosing how much you zoom in

Advanced filter

Parameters displayed on the LCD screen directly reflect ring operation for intuitive operation. With original operating tones, users enjoy sophisticated and comfortable use of the camera every time.

Control ring

Conveniently allows you to make frequently used settings easily accessible. Customize the FUJIFILM XQ1 into your very own camera.

<Default Setting>
Program shift

A combination of aperture and shutter speed can be adjusted any way you want in program shooting.

Shutter speed

Effective for shutter speed priority shooting. The shutter speed can be selected from 30 seconds to 1/4000 seconds.


The focal distance can be changed in the range of a 4x optical zoom to a max. of 16x with intelligent digital zoom.

Scene position

Night, Fireworks, Sunset, Beach and other shooting modes for various scenes are offered.


It is effective for aperture-priority photography. Aperture can be changed by operating the ring.

Advanced mode

Advanced mode settings such as Panorama, Pro low-light mode and Multiple exposure can be selected.

Advanced filter

Filter effects such as Toy camera, Miniature, High key and Pop color can be chosen.

<Settings that can be customized>
Exposure Compensation

Exposure can be adjusted in 1/3EV steps in the range from -3.0EV to +3.0EV.

Manual focus

Use the control ring for manual focusing to enjoy analog-style operations.


ISO100 to ISO12800 is available, supporting optimum ISO for the amount of light.

Film simulation

PROVIA, Velvia, ASTIA, SEPIA and other color reproduction styles unique to popular Fujifilms can be selected.

White balance

Preset modes, such as sunny and shade, or color temperature can be selected for white balance.

Continuous shooting

Switchable between Super high speed, High speed, Medium speed and Low speed. It is useful when shooting moving subjects.

Flexible, one-handed operation

The FUJIFILM XQ1 is the lightest X series camera, and one you want to carry around with you at all times. It is uniquely designed to enable smooth shooting with only one hand. All dials and buttons are placed on one side. In addition, attention has been given to the grip location and size, as well as the angle of the shutter button, for high quality images with one-handed shooting.

Back grip
The rubber grip on the back of the camera ensures you keep a firm hold and has been designed to fit your thumb perfectly.

Diagonal shutter button
The positioning of the button has been designed to offer natural and smooth shutter release.

Customized control: The E-Fn button

E-Fn button

The E-Fn extended function button lets you customize your FUJIFILM XQ1 to offer immediate access to your most-used controls. One touch and the monitor displays a menu of six items of your choice. Full control, at your fingertips!

3.0-inch Clear LCD with "Monitor Sunlight Mode"

When bright sunlight makes composing or viewing the monitor difficult, you can use the E-Fn button to easily switch to the "Monitor Sunlight Mode" Turn on the "monitor sunlight mode" by holding down the E-Fn button. Enjoy comfortable framing and review of shots on the large 3.0-inch high-contrast 920K-dot LCD monitor made by tempered glass.

  1. 1. FUJIFILM XQ1
  2. 2. Conventional Digital Camera


Before shooting, the built-in histogram display provides an at-a-glance confirmation of brightness levels. Together with the exposure compensation dial on the top control deck, this tool makes it simple to confirm you have the right exposure setting, and take great photos.

Electronic Level

When composing a shot in the spacious LCD, the built-in electronic level display makes it easy to align the image with the true horizon.


  • · Sample photos are simulated images.