FinePix Z Series

FinePix Z1000EXR / Z1010EXR

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Feature 1Take Fashion Everywhere !

Great images with the powerful zoom in a stylish compact body. After taking photos, you can instantly send your photos to your smartphone via WLAN to share them with friends. The Z1000EXR can go everywhere with you.

Connect to Smartphone [NEW]

Wireless Image Transfer

Just one tap lets you send photos to smartphones/tablets with Fujifilm´s unique interface* anytime, anywhere. Now you can share your photos easily on SNSs, such as FACEBOOK™ and Flickr™.

  • * The dedicated application will be available at App Store and Android Market.


Just one tap lets you send photos to smartphones/tablets using Fujifilm's Free iPhone/Android App!

FUJIFILM Photo Receiver Special Site

EXR AUTO 103 Shooting Patterns

The new EXR Auto with new Motion Detection instantly recognizes 58 scene types, automatically optimizes every setting from exposure to white balance, and even switches to the ideal sensor mode: HR High Resolution for well-lit conditions, SN High Sensitivity/Low Noise mode for low light, and DR Dynamic Range mode for high-contrast scenes.

Stunning Stills in Low Light

30% less noise at ISO3200! The enhanced performance of the EXR CMOS sensor lets you shoot dark scenes at high ISO sensitivity and capture them brighter, clearer and with less noise than ever before.

  • * When shooting at ISO3200.

Best Photo Shooting Anytime with Premium EXR AUTO

Advanced Anti Blur x SN

Just as your eye strives to make dark scenes as bright and detailed as possible, High Sensitivity & Low Noise Priority takes advantage of high sensitivity and FinePix's original pixel binning technology to capture the subject with exceptional brightness and minimal noise.

Advanced Anti Blur

When shooting dark scenes, Advanced Anti Blur adds the power of EXR CMOS and Multi Frame technology to combine 4 frames into a single, sharp blur-free image with remarkably low noise.

Portrait and Motion x Greenery x HR
(Left) Conventional Digital Camera (Right) FinePix Z1000EXR
  • Conventional Digital Camera
  • FinePix Z1000EXR

Detecting and focusing on a subject in motion while optimizing brightness at the same time, the EXR sensor with 16 megapixel High Resolution mode depicts every finest detail of the scene from texture of hair to the vivid green grass in the background.

Back Lighting x Sunset x DR
(Left) Conventional Digital Camera (Right) FinePix Z1000EXR
  • Conventional Digital Camera
  • FinePix Z1000EXR

Delivers the best results of the sunset as it intelligently recognizes the scene emphasizing the vividness of the colors and the depth of the scene with the EXR sensor mode automatically switched to Dynamic Range to capture the high contrast involved in the scene.

Advanced Scene Recognition

The pioneering new EXR AUTO with a Motion Detection capability to virtually reduce subject blur in lighting conditions.
Thanks to new Motion Detection, available shooting types, come from recognized scenes and automatically optimized EXR modes, have expanded into 103 patterns in EXR AUTO mode.

Super High Quality Full HD Movies

The FinePix Z1000EXR maximizes high sensitivity to capture exceptionally crisp and colorful full HD video (1080p; 30fps) with impressive stereo sound, even in low-light conditions. AF will instantly capture the object, even allow 5x zoom ups during your recordings.

One Touch Movie Recording Button

A one-touch Movie Recording Button enables you to capture all the action in full HD.

H.264 High Profile

EXR realizes H.264 format incorporating both high quality image and small data size.

Film Simulation Setting

Manually select Film Simulation and produce various color expressions.

Photo Shooting During Recording

Still photos can be captured during movie recordings.

  • * The photo is saved separately from the movie and does not appear as part of the movie.

Fujinon 5x Optical Zoom Lens Plus 10x Intelligent Digital Zoom

Conventional digital zoom basically only resizes the optical image data, often resulting in lack of definition, but the new Intelligent Digital Zoom uses the speed and power of the EXR Processor to intelligently sharpen image edges so you can enjoy images with natural clarity and crispness of detail across the digital zoom range.

  • * Equivalent on 35mm camera
(Left) 28mm Wide Angle (Center) 5x Optical Zoom (Right) 10x Digital Zoom
  • 28mm* Wide Angle
  • 5x Optical Zoom (140mm*)
  • 10x Intelligent Digital Zoom

Choice of four amazing colors!

The stylish compact body brings out the great image quality in the FinePix Z1000EXR. U-form structure makes camera look thinner sleek and cool.Throw in your bag without worry. Available in Pink, Champagne Gold, White and Jade, simply choose the one that will fit your style.

3.5-inch High-contrast LCD

Featuring high contrast for a brighter display and 460,000 dots of resolution for easy reading of icons, menus and, of course, exceptional image viewing quality, the large 3.5-inch LCD sets FinePix Z1000EXR apart in the ultra-compact class.

  1. 1. FinePix Z1000EXR
  2. 2. Conventional Digital Camera

Share your images with built in social networking

Don't wait until you get home to start choosing which pictures to upload to FACEBOOK™. Start the process in camera by tagging the pictures you want to share. The next time you connect to your home computer your images will upload automatically. The same goes for movie clips too, which can also be uploaded to YouTube™.

Easy Web Uploading to YouTube™ and FACEBOOK™ via MyFinePix Studio

It's as easy as one, two, three. Shoot pictures and HD video clips, edit them in camera, and tag them for upload to your FACEBOOK™ profile page or YouTube™ account.

1. Shoot  2. Edit & Mark  3. Upload


When the FinePix Z1000EXR is connected to a PC, the marked images are uploaded to the designated site, eliminating the need for time-consuming PC-based image processing or selection.

MyFinePix Studio Automatically Searches for New Images to Upload for You

MyFinePix Studio detects new images to upload. When finding new image to upload, the uploader starts automatically.

Favorites Rank

Sort your favorite photos tagged by rank of stars from 0 through 5. Quickly search favorite pictures depending on the rank using image search.

Photobook Assist

Create a photo album in your camera. Easily accessible and mobile, you can share images with family and friends anytime, anywhere. Installed in-camera, you can create a photobook folder where tagged images will be stored and organized accordingly. Your photobook can also be ordered online for print when connected to the internet*1, as well as when you go to stores to get your photos printed*2, images can easily be sorted when tagged.

  • *1 MyFinePix Studio is required to be updated through Internet to use this function.
  • *2 Print service availability depends on region.


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.

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FUJIFILM Photo Receiver

Just one tap lets you send photos to smartphones/tablets using Fujifilm's Free iPhone/Android App!