Luxel T-9800CTP HD-X

The Luxel T-9800CTP HD-X is an external drum platesetter that features cutting-edge CTP technology and a next generation imaging system incorporating a 1024-channel exposure head, developed with the aid of a GLV™ (Grating Light Valve™) technology. It offers high precision output and superior productivity.


  • Large 950 mm × 1,165 mm 8-up format
  • Hiring a new optical technology; GLV™ (Grating Light Valve™), “Luxel T-9800CTP HD-X” realized a superb 512-channel Multi-Exposure system and enhances ultimate productivity in thermal plate setter
  • 67 plates per hour at 2400 dpi
  • Four resolution levels from 1,200 to 2,540 dpi
  • Optional punch block configuration for a variety of plate sizes and press configurations
  • The “Luxel T-9000ML HD” multi-cassette autoloader enables to hold up to 5 cassettes (100 plates/cassette) and realizes efficient and high productivity


Recording system External drum
Media Fujifilm’s positive and negative thermal plates
Plate size Maximum : 1165 × 950 mm
Minimum : 304 × 305 mm
(The plate from 590 to less than 610 mm in width cannot be used.)
Exposure size Maximum : 1165 × 938 mm
(Leading edge clamp : 6 mm, Trailing edge clamp: 6 mm)
Plate thickness 0.15 to 0.3 mm (0.4 mm also available with field option) *1
Light source 1024ch GLV + 60 W BarLD × 2 808 nm
Resolution 1200 / 2400 / 2438 / 2540 dpi
(1200 dpi is double dot of 2400 dpi.)
Productivity 67 pph at 2400 dpi (1030 × 800 mm) *2
Drum rotational speed Maximum : 210 rpm
Dynamic auto focus Standard
Lenticular output Available only 2400 dpi
RIP interface S-PIF
Plate transport Autoloader connection type is a standard
Punch Maximum 12 units, Center position punch (Special order *3) *4
External Dimensions Recorder unit : 2,640(W) × 1,475(D) × 1,394(H) mm
(Blower system in the main unit.)
Chiller unit *5 : 350(W) × 720(D) × 720(H) mm
Weight Recorder unit : 1,115 kg
Chiller unit : 63 kg
Environment 23±2°C (73.4±3.6°F), 40 to 70%RH (No condensation)
Power Requirements Recorder unit : Single phase 200 to 240V, 16A , 3.2kW *6
Chiller unit : Single phase 200 to 240V, 4A, 0.7kW
Options 0.4mm thickness plate, Punch system
Single-cassette autoloader T-9000AL HD
Multi-cassette autoloader T-9000ML HD
Built-in Bridge
Online conveyor (T-9000ConveyorII, T-9000Multi ConveyorII)
Manual loading kit, Front discharge kit for Manual loading
AF-180N, Signal Tower unit


  • *1 “0.4mm support option(BU-800)” and “BU-800 connection kit” are necessary for the plate of 0.3mm thickness or less when installed the platesetter at the place of sea level 1500m or more.
    Plate size of 0.4mm thickness must be 900 × 770mm or more.
    The plate of 0.4mm thickness must be used at the place of sea level less than 1500m.
    When the plate of 0.4mm thickness is used, “0.4mm support option(BU-800)” and “BU800 connection kit” are necessary, and original blower is replaced with BU-800.
  • *2 When plate size is smaller than 1030x800, productivity will be the 67 pph or more.
    However, it is dependent on the processing speed of plate processor.
  • *3 Center punch is special order required to check the possibility, please consult with the Screen Subsidiary in your region. Also, center punch cannot be use with HB220, DS220 and some non common press punches.
  • *4 Positioning punch system is not supported in T-9800CTP HD-X.
    The notchless function can be used by the standard.
  • *5 The chiller unit RCU-600 is for T-9800CTP HD-X. (RCU-500 is for T-9800CTP HD-E/S.)
  • *6 Includes power requirements of Autoloader unit.
    The power supply of the BU-800 for high ground or 0.4mm plates cannot be taken from the recorder unit. BU-800 is required separated power source.