Jet Press 720

Launching a printing revolution

A “next-generation digital inkjet press” that is neither an offset nor POD press. Jet Press 720, synthesis of Fujifilm philosophy, dreams and technology.

Fujifilm's objective was to set for simply “cutting edge” and to create the most effective inkjet technology. By effective, we mean the ability to create new business that will inject the entire industry with new life. To realize this objective, we built a team from the resources of the entire Fujifilm Group. Concentrating on in-house expertise, we succeed produced solutions to touch problems. Print head development, ink production and system design all benefited from this approach, culminating in the next-generation digital inkjet press, “Jet Press 720.”

Its image quality, speed, consistency, operability and eco-friendliness actualize the dreams and technology of Fujifilm.


High image quality

The Jet Press 720 delivers exemplary quality that is like neither that of offset nor POD presses. Sharp smooth tonal gradations, no density unevenness and a wide color gamut produce outstanding color. Standard coated paper yields a new order of expression ideal for next-generation digital inkjet press.

Rapid Pigment Coagulation (RAPIC) Technology

When printing to standard coated paper by water-based inkjetting, the water and solvent are not absorbed at ink placement, allowing pigment to flow freely. Then, upon placement of the next ink, the inks merge, causing blurring. On the Jet Press 720, an RCP solution is applied to the paper before inkjetting. Components of the RCP solution react instantaneously with the ink, promoting rapid coagulation of the pigment. This prevents running of ink without changing the texture of the paper.

[Chart] Rapid Pigment Coagulation (RAPIC) Technology
[Diagram] Halftone dot comparison (magenta 20%) / Character reproduction comparison (4 pt, magnified)

Wide color gamut

With a color gamut wider than Japan Color, four-color CMYK inks vividly reproduce the vibrant color of RGB images.

[Chart] Evaluation of color reproduction

High speed, high productivity

In commercial applications, you need not only high image quality but also high productivity. The Jet Press 720 achieves a fast 2,700 sheets/hr (B2 size) while maintaining quality. The Jet Press 720 has the speed needed to make it practical for use either in conjunction with an offset press or in stand-alone applications.

Single-pass system

A newly developed printhead makes a single pass in the paper-transport direction, enabling dramatic speed. This system integrates all factors required for feasibility, from the high-density and high-precision printhead, to defective nozzle detection for image correction, dot interference prevention, and rapid drying.

[Image] Shuttle scan system (comventional systesm) / Single-pass system

High-density, high-precision, high-speed printhead

Employing MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System), applied technology for semiconductor production, the printhead was developed using original SAMBA™ Technology. The precision control of minute dots as small as 2 pl makes possible the exact varying of dot size. This technology contributes to the high speed, high image quality and high consistency of the Jet Press 720.

[Image] Module / Array: Print Bar

High consistency

Production equipment used for commercial printing must provide high quality that is absolutely consistent. The Jet Press 720 is capable of such consistency with no sacrifice to its high speed of 2,700 sheets/hr (B2 size). Paper alignment, reliable paper transport and paper positioning accuracy match those of offset presses.

Robust paper transport mechanism

Employing a paper transport mechanism equivalent to a sheet-fed offset press helps achieve high-precision paper transport, print position accuracy and stability for B2-size paper.

[Photo] Robust paper transport mechanism

Sophisticated image correction technology

Constantly monitoring inkjet head status, unique Fujifilm optimal image correction ensures the consistency of image quality.

High efficiency

Though a genuine digital press incorporating offset press paper transport, the Jet Press 720 features the simple operation of a POD printer because of its easy-to-use touch panel. Panel displays and stamping on prints make troubleshooting easy. Easy operation expands the number of people who can operate it.

High environmental performance

  • The amount of waste paper generated during printing is significantly reduced compared to offset printing, contributing to the protection of forests resources and environmental preservation.
  • Compared to the conventional process of CTP-processing-offset printing, the Jet Press 720 has a reduced carbon footprint (less CO2 emissions), making it extremely eco-friendly.
  • The inkjet system of the Jet Press 720 uses easy-to-deink water-based pigment inks that have received INGEDE's (International Association of the Deinking Industry) highest evaluation. Easy deinking makes it easy to recycle used paper into regenerated pulp of high whiteness, promoting the effective use of used paper.


System configuration

[Diagram] System configuration
Type Sheetfed digital inkjet press
Ink Water-based pigment inkjet ink, 4 colors (CMYK)
Resolution 1,200 × 1,200 dpi
Paper thickness* 127 g/m² - 300 g/m² (0.105 mm - 0.34 mm)
Printing speed 2,700 sheets per hour (equivalent to 180 A4 sheets per minute)
Paper sizes Maximum: 750 mm × 530 mm
Minimum: 542 mm × 368 mm
External dimentions of the main unit 7,181 mm (W) × 3,692 mm (D) × 2,045 mm (H)
Weight 14 t


  • * Fujifilm does not necessarily guarantee the feed / transport performance and image quality for all types of paper in the range from 127g/m² to 300g/m².