Acuity Advance HD2545 & HD2545W

The first true high-resolution UV flatbed with white ink and roll option

The Acuity Advance is specifically designed for print applications requiring fine detail and high-resolution imaging. It delivers both rigid and flexible prints which hold up visually, even when viewed close-up.


The Acuity series of flatbed printers is Fujifilm's most popular flatbed product ever. The Acuity Advance offers tremendous value for customers and is acclaimed for its rich, opaque white ink. A variable droplet printer, the Acuity Advance is renowned for its exceptional image quality as well as sharp, clean text. Its 4' × 8' print area and small footprint make it the ideal entry point for the customer looking to add their first flatbed press. Like the other members of the Acuity series, it is available as a standalone unit or with the roll media option.


  • Direct printing onto a wide variety of rigid or flexible media
  • White ink option allowing in-line printing
  • Field upgrade from HD2545 to HD 2545W(White) possible
  • Roll-to-roll option available
  • Proprietary grayscale UV inkjet heads with droplet sizes from 6 to 42 picoliters
  • Quality comparable to conventional printing resolution of 1440 dpi or higher with true production speed of 22.2 m²/hr
  • FUJIFILM Sericol's Uvijet series inks used


Print Modes and Speeds
Production 22.2 m²/hr 17.5 m²/hr
Quality 15.2 m²/hr 12.0 m²/hr
Quality Matte 10.9 m²/hr 8.6 m²/hr
Quality Density 8.5 m²/hr 6.7 m²/hr
White 7.6 m²/hr 6.0 m²/hr
Fine Art 12.3 m²/hr 9.7 m²/hr
Print Technology Proprietary Piezoelectric UV inkjet head using variable-dot grayscale imaging technology ; CMYK + white with two print heads per colour
Rigid Media Size 1.25 m wide × 2.5 m long up to 48 mm thick
Rigid Media Print Area 1.26 m wide × 2.51 m long (full bleed capability)
Roll Media Width 0.9 to 2.2 m
Roll Media Print Area 2.19 m maximum
Roll Diameter Up to 240 mm
Roll Core Diameter 76.2 mm
Roll Weight 50 kg maximum
Resolution Variable droplet sizes from 6 to 42 picolitres
Operator Console Intuitive user interface via user-positioned monitor and mouse stand
Network 100 Base-T connectivity (minimum)
FUJIFILM Sericol Uvijet UV Inks Uvijet KO-series UV curable inks (CMYK 2 litre, white 1 litre)
Dimensions Flatbed : 4.1 m wide × 2 m long. Roll-to-roll option 4.1 m wide × 2.3 m long
Power 200 to 240 VAC, single phase, 16 A
Environment 18° to 30°C. RH 30 % - 70 % non-condensing
Weight 473 kg, including the roll-to-roll option : 650 kg