FFGS WING CITY ashigara (Japan)


See, touch and feel…Welcome to the future world of printing.

This is where you meet the future of printing.
Printing is heading into new directions with ‘digital press’ and ‘flexography’ technologies. This is where FFGS(Fujifilm Global Graphic Systems, Global HQ of Graphic business located in Japan. Here after FFGS) showcases its cutting edge technologies. You can experience first-hand the effects of such technologies and how they benefit your company. Come and see how the next-generation inkjet digital press, the Jet Press, will transform future corporate strategies, and how our total packaging system will expand the potential of flexography. Operate the actual devices and feel the innovation and reliability these systems offer.
FFGS WING CITY Ashigara guides you to two grand doors that lead to the future world of printing. Drop by any time, and push open these doors to pioneer your future of grand innovation.

Establishment as one of Fujifilm’s 80th anniversary projects

Marking the company’s 80th anniversary, Fujifilm has positioned the Printing System business as one of its top priority fields, reinforcing the communication structure with customers. The Wing City, established as part of this initiative, epitomizes Fujifilm’s passion for creating the future of printing.

The third ‘experience-oriented’ showroom with eyes set on the world

The i-Communication centers at Fujifilm’s Nishiazabu Head Office and Tatsumi Office in Tokyo are now complimented with the Wing City in Ashigara, functioning as the company’s three major ‘experience-oriented showrooms.’ The deployment, with eyes set on Japan and the rest of the world, will provide comprehensive solutions that pioneer the future of printing.


Addressing the latest needs of package printing at the two zones

The Wing City consists of the DIGITAL PRESS Innovation Center displaying the Jet Press 720F, and the GRANPACS Lab Center that showcases the evolution for flexography and the characteristics of these systems are set to revolutionize package printing.


DIGITAL PRESS Innovation Center


The DIGITAL PRESS Innovation Center was opened with three innovation themes of ‘projecting trends of the package printing market,’ ‘analyzing the current status of short-run package printing’ and ‘pursuing the potential of digital package printing to meet the latest market needs.’ In line with these themes, the Center showcases the advanced reproducibility, productivity, stability and outstanding operability of the next-generation inkjet digital press, the Jet Press, through demonstrations and technology seminars.
This is not just the place of unidirectional information delivery from Fujifilm. The main role and purpose of the DIGITAL PRESS Innovation Center is to receive feedback from customers and work with industry players to create the digital presses of the future.

A showcase of Fujifilm’s far-reaching capabilities

The Center integrates the advanced technologies and know-how of the Fujifilm Advanced Research Laboratories, the planning and development department of the Digital Press business (Miyanodai R&D), the Jet press manufacturing (Fujifilm Techno Products)/sales (Fujifilm Digital Press) department, the showroom/demonstration department (FFGS) and the education/training department (FFGST). It is capable of consistently meeting clients’ diverse needs, such as preparing for the introduction of the Jet Press, making strategic use of the system after introduction, maintaining the system and conducting operator training.


Providing specific demonstrations to present the benefits of the Jet Press 720F

Main advantages of the Jet Press 720F

● Reducing costs
Offering the ability to reduce costs in short-run package printing by eliminating wastage and enabling local printing to cut distribution costs.

● No need for skilled operators
Simple press operation means there is no need for specialized training or dedicated operators, so customers can take advantage of the superb image quality straight away.


● Reducing production time
The ability to print straight from a PDF and the superb, stable color reproduction mean print production times can be reduced, improving job turnaround and delivery times.

● Wider application flexibility
With run lengths of one copy, personalization and versioning all practical and easy to achieve, the Jet Press 720F expands the number of applications that can be printed and offered to end customers.

GRANPACS Lab. Center


Major trends in soft package printing are now moving toward ‘environmental responsibility’ and ‘water-based flexography.’ In response to these latest needs, Fujifilm has applied its unique advanced plate technology to develop the world’s first DLE plates that offer high image quality and high productivity at the same time. Based on the advanced flexo platemaking system combining the innovative DLE plates and plate-setter, FFGS’s latest packaging solution is a comprehensive system integrating a dedicated proofer, printer and peripherals. The GRANPACS Lab Center contains all the system components. Visitors can examine a series of processes unique to flexography and witness first-hand the ‘high resolution,’ ‘smooth gradation’ and ‘high productivity’ of this system, which is on a different level to conventional DLE systems.

Realistically reproducing the entire procedure of flexography from platemaking to printing

Anticipating the standard yet advanced procedure of flexography in Japan, the Center provides demonstrations covering ‘flexo platemaking, digital proofing and flexo printing’ with detailed explanations for each of the steps. Up-to-date information is always available for post-press devices as well. The Center is well-equipped and staffed not only to provide demonstrations, but also to cater for a wide range of visitor queries on flexography from factory design to strategy development, system utilization and after-sales follow-up.


Visual presentation of the synergistic effect of the introduction of GRANPACS

Performance highlights of these devices on display

Fujifilm’s engraving flexo platemaking system

Combining the world’s most advanced DLE plate with a laser engraver to achieve razor-sharp relief images, resulting in clear text and reproducing photographs beautifully and smoothly

High-speed CI flexo printing press

Designed with an emphasis on rigidity to deliver exceptional reliability while achieving high-speed performance at the same time; Featuring a unique large central impression drum with advanced precision to achieve premium printing quality, and the ability to automatically adjust impression settings for quick optimization to deliver quality output with constant stability

Fine inkjet proofer for package printing
● GP-PRIMOJET Basic (Only in Japan)

Offering direct output to actual materials such as soft package film to provide printed proofs close to final product, so as to share the image of the final output with clients and drastically reduce the color-matching time during actual printing

  • * Items on display are subject to change without prior notice.