Film and Screen

Experience makes the difference in imaging results

We support our medical imaging solutions with an extensive line of highly reliable films, screens and processors.

Film and Screen

Fujifilm films and screens offer precise and reliable image quality for medical diagnostics.


Increased efficiency and high diagnostic quality are more important than ever. Fujifilm processors save time while assuring high image quality.

Mammography Film and Screen

For unsurpassed quality in the most demanding environment

Fujifilm makes a comprehensive line of mammography X-ray imaging solutions for unsurpassed quality in the most demanding environments.

Dental Film

FUJIFILM DENTAL X-RAY FILM is the intraoral X-ray film for periapical diagnosis.


  • Specifications and appearance of products are subject to change without notice.
  • Language of indications on products varies by country and region.
  • Products comply with regulations of the country or region where they are marketed.